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Finding that next 'gun high'...

Sheldon_Wickersham Jul 24, 2016

  1. Sheldon_Wickersham

    Sheldon_Wickersham Blue Star Knives Knife Maker or Craftsman

    After 30 years of collecting/amassing, I've got good stuff, and most of the goodies needed to make them run; don't have a lot of free cash, but am always looking for something new and fun. Most of us are there, or getting close to it, right?

    I don't want new calibers, having lots of what my current guns run, and don't want new ammo unless I can buy it in bulk on the cheap, as I have more of yesterday's 'good stuff' than I'll ever likely shoot. Not interested at all in vintage guns either.

    Still, gun shows are an attraction, as was today, after the VFOB event in Bigfork, MT. I'd been thinking about an AR pistol with the blade brace. Axelson Tactical had one on site, and I was literally blown away by the noise. I have several, maybe three, short barreled AR's with 'muzzle devices' and collapsible stocks - not seeing a benefit, I'll have to rethink that thought.

    Axelson also had some full-autos, and while two and three round bursts are still a breeze, I can't justify that expense, ever, as joyful as it is - same for suppressors; I just can't. The gun show was a complete bust, as usual. Looking for better than what I've already got, just not finding it.

    Looking for that next 'high', but it escapes me. And you? Have you found something recently better than what you already own(ed)?
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  2. TopHat

    TopHat Drivin' that train..... Brigade Member

    I just scored a S&W made in 1988 Model 625 in 5". Been wanting one for a while.

    Had one back when they first came out and foolishly sold it. That, and my Swiss made Sig SG 551, are the only firearms I really regret letting go.
  3. falcon125

    falcon125 the express train to mayhem Brigade Member

    AR's are Yesterdays rifle.

    My .25 fully suppressed is air powered. No FIRE, no firearms.
    Quiet as a mouse fart, more powerful than a .22LR.
    they make them up to .30, .45 and even .50.
    Air is the new cool.:devilcorn: Fuck me I am officially Eurotrash.

    BATFE do not rule AIR powered weapons. YET. Get in while the gettings good.
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    VANELLI JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    As the long range shooting fad dies down, I think he's right, air guns are pretty cool especially those bigger bore shooters.
    I don't know if I have the money or patients for air guns, muzzleloaders, or black power. But not having to treat them like firearms (on paper anyway) gets a guys attention.
  5. aperdue

    aperdue JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    My newest is a suppressed SBR 9mm AR. Thing is a blast to shoot


    Next one I am looking at is a CZ SP-01 Threaded Barrel to use the same suppressor. Right now I have a S&W M&P filling that roll.
  6. IWantThatKnife

    IWantThatKnife I want that knife Knife Maker or Craftsman

    the next gun....high?

    I couldn't decide which direction to go; so in the last week I bought a Colt AR in 9MM, a S&W Model 351PD - 7 shots of .22 Magnum, a Walther PPKS .22LR, a Colt Police Positive .38 S&W (circa 1942), and a Uberti Cattleman .45 Colt with bird's head grip...

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  7. Mike Grasso

    Mike Grasso "to protect and to serve" Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I did some 10mm testing with Tamara Keel a week or so ago. I'm going to do an article with her on it soon. But I was able to get a P220SAO-10 out of the SIG shop and I'll be getting a new Colt Delta. The Sig is quite heavy at 44oz but the recoil is very manageable. So until it goes to Bruce Gray for some thoughts and tweaks its a carrier. IMG_2085.jpg

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  8. PNWJimbo

    PNWJimbo Stoned Adventurer Brigade Member


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