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Female Logic WTF!

RoyalM Apr 30, 2010

  1. RoyalM

    RoyalM Commando Devil Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I'm currently at the worst time of the year as regards my studies. For those that don't know i'm training to be an architect and i'm working on my Part 2. I work 4 days a week in an office an attend uni 1 day a week.

    In the next 3/4 weeks I have 2 presentations, 2 reviews, a final degree show and a portfolio to overhaul. To that end I have cancelled all social engagements and all training I had with the Marines. I have taken some time off work in total i'll be out $1500 in the next month doing this.

    I will add my boiler has broken and i've been without hot water for 5 weeks and my car just died so that money will be sorely missed.

    I now come to my point.

    I will be working 18 hours a day on Uni stuff and need to break that up. I think ''well I'd like to see Iron Man 2, it'll be a good distraction, not take too long, not cost too much and then I can get back to work''.

    I ask the on again off again girlfriend. Here's the chat, it took several days over text to get to this:

    Me: ''You want to go see Iron Man 2 at the weekend''

    Her: ''Why don't we do some painting and buy some new carpets''

    Me: ''I don't have the time or money for that''

    Her: ''Ok, Iron Man 2 but we go for a meal either before or after''

    Me: I do not reply for 1 day

    Her: ''Just thinking does it have to be Iron Man 2, what about Kick Ass?''

    Me: I do not reply for 1 day

    Her: ''When are we seeing each other this weekend?''

    Me: ''Sunday is probably best''

    Her: ''Yeah Sunday is best for me to, I'm really tired, I just want to go for a nice walk, relax and do a bit of cooking''

    Me: No reply, thinking to myself how the fuck in God's creation did my Iron Man 2 idea turn into walk/relax/cooking?

    That's where i'm at just now, am I wrong but is this not fucked up?
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  2. Ken Brock

    Ken Brock Who's Awesome? Super Moderator

    go see Iron Man and let her take a walk alone
  3. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool


    I don't think you can judge an entire Gender on the actions of this nice gal.

    Seems she is a little disjointed and you may need to move on to find one who's logic is more like yours.

    You did say - "On again - Off again"

    Might be time to just reach for the big Off Button.
  4. Sheldon_Wickersham

    Sheldon_Wickersham Blue Star Knives Knife Maker or Craftsman

    From recent experience - just be thankful that you two don't see eye to eye on everything, and more importantly, be thankful she doesn't think like a female version of you...that would surely drive you freakin' nuts! :ross:

    Were it me, I'd go with KB's recommendation...
  5. 50calmike

    50calmike 50 caliber Devil

    I'd love to visit Scotland, I'll fix the boiler free of charge.(will need airfare and housing till it's repaired though):devil1:
    Go see Ironman II, it'll be a good break. You could take a walk to the theatre with the lady, your car is broken right?
  6. El Gringo

    El Gringo dashing devil

    Yeah...whats with the 'do some painting and buy new carpet' idea??
    Is she 'on again' moving in soon?
  7. MarieLaveau

    MarieLaveau Pistol Packin' Mama Lady Devil

    I'd offer to help out with some feminine insight, but I don't get most other chicks either. That's why I hang with the guys most of the time. :bwah:
  8. Katwyld

    Katwyld Devil Doll Lady Devil

    :what_the: :snopesit: :katbonk:

    I.... I'm at a loss... um... what?!?! Good gods... that's not female logic... or maybe it is, I don't know... that's just... yeah... um... wow...
  9. RoyalM

    RoyalM Commando Devil Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Mike you could be right. I'm kind of kidding myself on that all women think like this and it's not just her to help me justify tolerating it.

    I'm also wandering if it is female logic at all and not just selfish thinking?

    (Had a long post planned but I will not be slipping into Emo mode)

    Anyway, 1 x Iron Man 2 ticket has been purchased. If all else fails i'll get a couple hours of joy out of that tomorrow.
  10. Parker

    Parker Former Village People Roadie Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Andy, I hate to be the one to bring it up, but is this the little blond hottie you posted pics of on holiday?

    If so, I'd very much settle for cuddle, snuggle, relax.....

    But I do know how she got to "paint, buy rugs, break rib while falling off ladder onto coffee table" (that last is my own addition admittedly, but it's sorta how things happen when time is tight.)

    She got there because she has determined that the pair of you are a couple, finally, and now she can re-decorate.

    Maybe Mike's right after all......

    And I'd bet that the funds for paint, carpet and snuggle may be awfully useful towards "boiler and hot water."
  11. Ken Brock

    Ken Brock Who's Awesome? Super Moderator

    the other thing about women is that they are never consistent

    Let's just say a certain situation comes up and you handle it. She's happy and says you handled it correctly

    Then later the exact same situation comes up and you handle it the same way you did the first time. But yet this time she's pissed and says you handled it wrong


    You will enjoy the peace and solitude of being alone in the movie

  12. Buffalohump

    Buffalohump Off the reservation

    Sounds like she needs a really good spanking..... :devil1:
  13. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

    I think she just dumped your ass! :RoyalM: :bwah: :devilzeek
  14. RoadFish

    RoadFish Cathar Knight

    "Female" and "Logic" seldom belong in the same sentence unless "logic" is negated or the two words are a joke's punchline.
  15. RoyalM

    RoyalM Commando Devil Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Yep Parker that's the one, she's still got the big boobs and blonde hair. Maybe she is trying to settle me down and turn me into one of those chemically castrated boyfriends you see being led around by the nose by their woman. Fuck that i've got my knives, beer and the Ultra Hot section what more do I need?

    Had a chat with her this afternoon and asked wtf? She complained I was being grumpy and unreasonable I countered with so are you for 1/4 of the year.

    Conversation ended shortly after. Fast forward 2 hours I get a text asking what I want for my diner tomorrow and get called darling?

    It's like psychological warfare. This is why men don't live as long as women, they die so they can escape.

    One plus point a friend of mine is back in town and looking to splash some cash so i'm being treated to a steak diner and a few beers tonight. Before you ask just because he buys me a steak diner and a few beers I will not be sleeping with him.
  16. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

    So a blowjob might NOT be out of the question? You are a good mate, MATE!

  17. SugarSkull

    SugarSkull Ring Of Bone

    As someone who was married for 11 years, lived with a woman for eight, It looks like you're on the right track RM. :balrog:
  18. marypalooza

    marypalooza First *OFFICIAL* JD Mother Lady Devil

    It is. I brought up having to see IM2 opening weekend before my husband did! :ross:
  19. Cadi Con Carne

    Cadi Con Carne Kwitcherbitchin' Lady Devil

    And these are the women men marry. Whereas some of us have a sufficient smattering of sense in our heads, and end up solo. Funny how that shit works.
  20. SugarSkull

    SugarSkull Ring Of Bone

    You're probably gliding solo like the rest of us. :devil1:

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