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F/S F/T Premium BRS Rep and a 29

Linos Jun 7, 2016

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  1. Linos

    Linos baliholickydexbender JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman

    For sale or trade
    Premium Rep mint condition $475 ***SOLD***
    and a SS 5" 29 Kukri (usual 29 rub mark at mid blade) Black G10 inserts $675
    fees and shipping(USPS Registered mail) included
    paypal ,money order,cash
    first firm "i`ll take it" be it post at this thread,PM,DM ,snail mail, secret handshake, timestamp rules
    firm means that if i get an "I`ll take it but have questions" and before i answer it i get an "I`ll take it", with no questions, the second guy takes them home
    Reserve the right to refuse sale
    know your local laws


    The only Trades i`ll accept
    Kimura 8 prototype
    Hunter green
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Thread Status:
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