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ESEE Candiru Purple Knife Kit, CAN-PURP-KIT, Clear Molded Sheath

KNIFEWORKS Aug 15, 2015


    KNIFEWORKS Knifeworks Knife Maker or Craftsman

    ESEE Candiru Purple Knife Kit, CAN-PURP-KIT, Clear Molded Sheath, Clip Plate, and Survival Kit

    Suggested Retail: $107.95 Our Price: $55.95 You Save: $52.00



    ESEE Candiru Purple Knife Kit, CAN-PURP-KIT,Clear Molded Sheath, Clip Plate, and Survival Kit

    The little knife that can!...
    The Candiru knife is named after a little fish that is native to the Amazon River. The Candiru is a great neck, boot knife and pocket knife. Complete Kit includes: Ambidextrous Sheath, Clip Plate, Paracord (for cord wrapping handle or use as a lanyard),
    Cord Lock, Snap (for snapping system on to outdoor gear), Split Ring, Fire Flint, Whistle, and Instruction Sheet.


    Overall Length: 5.13"

    Cutting Edge Length: 2.0"

    Weight: 1.7 Ounces

    Drop Point Blade Style

    Maximum Thickness: .125"

    1095 Carbon Steel - 55-57 Rc.

    Textured Powder Coat Finish

    Skeletonized Handle

    Clear Molded Sheath

    Weight: 1.3 oz (Knife Only)

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