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Don't Breathe

Tony8179 Dec 10, 2016

  1. Tony8179

    Tony8179 Bone For Tuna Brigade Member

    I'm a fan of horror movies and when I saw the previews for Dont Breathe it seemed like it would be a good one. An Iraq war veteran who was blinded by a grenade loses his daughter in a car accident and gains a large settlement from the family who killed his daughter. 3 low life piece of shit thieves find out about the vet's money and decide to rob him only to have the blind man turn the tables on them as he deals out his own brand of horror.

    I was really enjoying the movie until they decided at some point to turn the garbage thieves into the good guys and the blind war vet whose daughter was taken from him and who is being robbed into the bad guy. I was fucking pissed. Fuck this movie and whatever bullshit agenda they were working with.

    I had to post somewhere how overly fucking disappointed I was with this bullshit movie.

    22MEANTXGUNS22 Huge member

    If I may, I feel that the director of this film did not intend to push any kind of agenda. I feel he was trying to change up the home invasion formula we usually see in most films dealing with the subject. As a huge cinema aficionado myself, I personally liked how he strayed from using one dimensional characters that you usually see in home invasion movies.

    When you think about it, most movies dealing with home invasions are pretty much similar in the sense that you always got the scumbag thieves that want their piece of the pie and don't care who they hurt getting it, while the victims are usually good people who get a crash course in becoming the heroes of the film that end up taking out the bad guys and saving the day. I actually liked the concept of this movie because there was more dimension to these characters, and that you don't know who to feel sorry for or detest, but to each their own I suppose.
  3. Tony8179

    Tony8179 Bone For Tuna Brigade Member

    One of those cases when I wanted the "bad guy" to win.
  4. six

    six straight up pimp

  5. TopHat

    TopHat Drivin' that train..... Brigade Member

    You forgot to mention that the blind guy was holding a girl captive in his basement. True, it was the girl that killed his daughter, but let's not pretend this guy is G.I. Joe or something........
  6. Tony8179

    Tony8179 Bone For Tuna Brigade Member

    I didn't want to ruin the twist. I don't think it makes his actions excusable, but having a grenade go off in your face which blinds you might cause some serious PTSD which of course would not be given a shit about once stateside. Then being further traumatized by the death of his daughter and the "justice" handed out thereafter all just might make someone lose their shit. He said he did not rape her and that once she gave him a child he would let her go. None of that justifies the horrendous action, but as fucked up as his head was I feel like he thought he was justified which still makes him the not so bad guy compared to the thieving scumbags.

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