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Does Anyone Here Actually Do Day Long Movie Marathons ?

22MEANTXGUNS22 Aug 12, 2013

  1. VampyreWolf

    VampyreWolf Prime minister of coffee Brigade Member

    **points at user title**

    no such thing as "too much coffee" :signhere:

    There's a reason I go to places with bottomless coffee and not that '3 refills per cup charged' bullshit.
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  2. RoyalM

    RoyalM Commando Devil Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Fairly often.

    Recently I've been catching up on Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad. I've never seen them before so I usually do a series a day with some good food and no distractions.

    22MEANTXGUNS22 Huge member

    Just killed the entire Living Dead series today, I haven't done a horror marathon in a while, thought I could try and bone up for the Jason marathon if we decided to have it. Man, I forgot how fucking disorienting and gruesome Day of the Dead truly was ! The other three kind of lose their steam but I've noticed that the more sequels to a movie or the longer time between them the lousier they get. I guess it's kind of a cool series, nothing beats the first three though. Think I might do my Fulci's "Gates of Hell" trilogy next, those zombies were a lot more terrifying as a kid.
  4. ded i

    ded i Friend of The Devil Lady Devil

    There's just too much to do and I don't have the patience - or whatever it takes - to sit that long. The best I've done in one sitting is about 3 or 4 episodes of Breaking Bad ...

  5. firebolt

    firebolt Hollandse Duivel Brigade Member

    one weekend...

    all episodes Pinky and the Brain

    Narf... :unintroduced:

    22MEANTXGUNS22 Huge member

    Just got finished with the fourth Police Academy. Holy fuck these movies are even lamer and stupider than I thought. Still got three to go. If my IQ hasn't dropped by twenty points I'll give you a little rundown on the entire series I guess. Thank god for Bacardi and Pepsi..........
  7. AJD1

    AJD1 Prince Of Darkness Brigade Member

    My wife and I actually watched the entire collection of

    the Sopranos,from episode 1 to the finale,all of which we

    have on D.V.D.

    Every single episode,start to finish,inside of about 4 weeks..
  8. Planterz

    Planterz seriously nutz Brigade Member

    I do it all the time, since I don't get out much except for work. Right now I'm up through Series 8 of "Red Dwarf", but I'm scared to continue because I'm afraid the rest will suck.
  9. Shike

    Shike knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Same here. I can't sit that long. Although I did watch a Godfather Marathon once. All 3 movies in a row, but then again I had the flu:manganr:
  10. waterdogs

    waterdogs Brigade Member Brigade Member

    I could use a good Vindaloo right about now.... :manganr:

    Red Dwarf was one of the more under-appreciated shows on the BBC....

    About the only time I watch DVDs is if I`m sick and confined to the house....I have a couple discs from the long-running Britcom "Last Of The Summer Wine", that`s one of my favorites....
  11. 22MEANTXGUNS22

    22MEANTXGUNS22 Huge member

    Holy caca poopoo ! I managed to make it thru 12 hours of some of the lamest and stupidest humor I have ever seen, like seriously, I feel like I'm slightly brain damaged from watching all seven of these movies. They were always hilarious to me when I was little but I don't know, they just get annoying after a while. I came real close to giving up around the fifth movie, but somehow Leslie Easterbrook and her two talents managed to make the remaining movies bearable for me. Was going to do a review on the individual movies as I watched them but frankly they aren't even worth discussing.

    On the bright side, I won our little bet, so as per our agreement, next weekend my friend's wife HAS TO watch all five chucky movies with us, and if she decides to give up before the end, and you guys are gonna like this, she has to dye her hair red and rock the strawberry shortcake look, LMAO ! Sorry it's kind of a little inside joke between us. She hates the idea of being a red head but is terrified of Chucky so needless to say, this one should be interesting..........
  12. StingyJack81

    StingyJack81 Huge member

    NIGHTMARE ON ELMSTREET!!!! (All Day Long, while FLIPPING+Jack Daniels= HAPPINESS)[​IMG]
  13. 22MEANTXGUNS22

    22MEANTXGUNS22 Huge member

    HA ! I've had the Nightmare box set for a long time, have yet to watch them all in one sitting. I regret getting rid of the old box set with the snap cases but I was hard pressed for shelf space at the time and the newer box set is considerably slimmer and had Freddy vs Jason.

    Just did the Lost Boys Trilogy. I replaced my original for the three pack in one case since I'm pretty much a completist when it comes to series (there are several series I refuse to own because of sequels that are not available or just suck). Well needless to say the first one was awesome but the other two weren't that good. The second one is pretty much a reboot with plenty of little references to the first one but only one of the brothers is in it and it was just weird because a part of you just expects all three of them to reunite and kill some vampires, but apparently there were all kinds of complications and the other two guys had to be edited or written out of the script. The third one was just a tragedy. The vampires were done completely differently, the other frog brother comes back but is not in too many scenes, there are too many references to the death of Cory Haim which are just real downers, I know those two were best friends but at the same time I don't think he'd appreciate you leaving the legacy of that movie on such a downer. There were also alot of jabs at the Twlight series which I guess was expected since they kind of made vampires from brutal killers to sentimental wimps. The ending was just stupid and confusing. Over all the first one was a classic but as a series, total disappointment.
  14. BaByGoTtHeRuNz

    BaByGoTtHeRuNz Enormous member

    I just got netflix a few days ago and have been watching the shit out of The Rockford Files. I'm only part way through the first season, but one of theses days I'm going to burn through a couple of seasons in a row.
  15. 22MEANTXGUNS22

    22MEANTXGUNS22 Huge member

    Not really a marathon per say, but I watched both of the Blues Brothers movies. One of the few movies my mom loved and my dad absolutely hated, no idea why though. First one was hillarious, second one just kind of lost a lot of steam. I mean it was funny and up to date and generally a pretty good movie, but it just didn't have the fun and excitement of the first. Oh, and I also now know where that saying "were putting the band back together" comes from, hehe.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 28, 2013
  16. ufokillerz

    ufokillerz JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    i've watched a few movies in a row before, probably 3, can't remember the names of them, but i remember getting nausea at some point, i have buttkickers installed in my chairs, and 7 hrs of shaking got to me!
  17. RNST

    RNST Entrusted Devil Super Moderator

    I usually max out at two movies then I get stir crazy and have to get out.

    Recently I watched:

    Skyfall and Layercake back to back which is a Daniel Craig set of movies and its good to see he does has some depth to his characters.

    Breaking Bad Seasons 1 - 5 on Netflix

    Dexter from the Pilot right up to the current season.

    Jason Bourne series

    Fawlty Towers all 12 episodes back to back to almost too painful to watch ie ribs hurt from laughing. :D

    Soprano's Complete set of DVD's
  18. waterdogs

    waterdogs Brigade Member Brigade Member

    "Whatever you do, don`t mention The War !" :bwah: :ross: :manganr:
  19. Bruce

    Bruce New Jersey's *other* Bruce

    I'm a real "Old Movie" nut, by old, I mean 1940s and earlier, preferably 1929 to 1935. I am addicted to the Turner Classic Movies channel, and sometime watch every movie shown for 12 hours or more. :bruce:
  20. waterdogs

    waterdogs Brigade Member Brigade Member

    I also appreciate those old classics. There were no special effects back then, it was up to the director(s) to create the desired atmosphere.
    Some of my favorites from that era:

    "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame"

    "A Tale Of Two Cities"


    any of "The Thin Man" series

    anything by Hitchcock

    anything from The Marx Bros.

    all the early monster movies (Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Wolfman, Dracula, and all their derivatives)

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