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Dimentions of the BRKT kitchen ultility?

Andy Feb 21, 2008

  1. Andy

    Andy Mostly Harmless

    I was just wondering if anyone had one that they could give full dimentions of
    I'm after
    blade depth
    handle depth
    handle thickness

    Also how have you found it in use? Though I really like my 10inch chef knife it's difficult to do tricky work.
  2. trldad

    trldad Huge member

    The specs for the kitchen utility are Here
    Hope it helps you out.:wes:
  3. Parker

    Parker Former Village People Roadie Knife Maker or Craftsman

    It took me a little while to get used to the BRKT Kitchen. The handle config seemed wierd at first. Then i just used it more and more. it is currently my go-to on about everything from meats to limes to about anything else where I do not need a rocking or chopping action, or if I need to do something a little more "beefy," like bust up frozen fruits in a big lump.

    I use only four knives in the kitchen currently - the Barkie kitchen util, my four inch Messermiester chef's knife, the pink Barkie Mini North Star and an 8-inch Messermiester chef knife.

    The kitchen Util has been sharped only occassionally, despite having that scrawy-ass stock on it. I love it and would not hesitate to get another if this one became lost or unserviceable.

    Jenny made one at the Grind-in last year, and if this one ever gets fubar'd I think we'd finally use hers. Maybe not though, since hers is pretty and I tend to treat pretty things badly.
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  4. Andy

    Andy Mostly Harmless

    It doesn't give the blade depth and handle thickness anddepth though

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