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Deathpoop is GOOD TO GO +++++

DaBird Nov 1, 2010

  1. DaBird

    DaBird Sasquatch Bali-ho

    Want all to nkow , even if he is a Newby here at the JD , and has a HELL of a strange forum name --- Deathpoop is a great person to deal with --- fast payment and very pleasent totalk with.

    Thanks Alaa ----- your bud , DaBird
  2. kenshiro

    kenshiro JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    The scoop on deathpoop

    Deathpoop traded BRS knives with me, but I also paid the difference (traded up).

    Not only did he send out my trade with break neck speed, he also described it accurately.

    When I got it was more than I expected, and no hidden surprises!

    Not only is he trustworthy, he is possibly the coolest and most humbly positive person I've met here, or on any forum. I wish there were more peopel like him in this world.

    Thank you so much for trading with me, and hope you stay the coolest!
  3. iiiwildfireiii

    iiiwildfireiii Average member

    deathpoop is G2G in my book

    Had a good sell to DP (giggle). Prompt payment and great communication. 10/10 would deal with again.
  4. LeyS.

    LeyS. JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Deathpoop with his first and only transaction with me, has easily made it to my small list of people that I would most definitely not think twice about to do business again. Great communication and fast delivery. Thanks.

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