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DDR Gemini - AA Review.

GuItArMaN8373 Nov 16, 2018

  1. GuItArMaN8373

    GuItArMaN8373 JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    Before I get started, let me give a quick shout out to @Wonx23 for allowing me to flip this balisong and review it a bit before sending it off to him.

    I personally have pre-ordered one myself but the wait times are long so this has helped hold me over until then.

    First and foremost: I am not all that familiar nor do I care about the drama regarding DDR. This is solely about the knife.

    I have no prior experience with the original Cold Steel Arc Angel and I definitely don't feel like paying such hyped prices for one.

    I picked two other knives from my collection that come close to feeling just as similar to the Gemini personally: My BM42 and my BM51 with EDC scales.

    As you can see in the pictures, the Gemini is the longest overall compared to the other two. And for me, it's a great length and gives it a great balance along with its weight.

    The BM51 with scales feels the heaviest to flip overall due to being shorter than the others and the BM42 feels the lightest. The Gemini basically comes in the middle as a happy medium between the two.

    The Gemini came with a sharp edge but definitely not as sharp as say, Benchmades, tend to come.

    There was very little handle play when the knife arrived but I'm sure it could be tightened about a hair more if desired.

    My biggest (and only complaint really) about the Gemini is that the slots in the each of the handles and on both sides, are not all rounded evenly (or at all.) It's hard to tell by pictures but basically there are rough and squared off edges around some of the slots, while other slots are perfectly rounded and smooth (which feels great.) As soon as you start to grip the knife and flip it, your fingers can definitely feel the difference between the slots that were rounded off and ones that were not.

    This failure of consistency in such a knife at this price range and for this kind of wait time is ridiculous, in my opinion. Not sure if many of them are making it out the door this way, but it is sad that this one did.

    Hope this has been insightful for some who have been wondering about picking one up.

    MODs feel free to cross-post this to the balisong alliance section as well!

    20181116_181240.jpg 20181116_181256.jpg 20181116_181310.jpg 20181116_181445.jpg 20181116_181540.jpg 20181116_181710.jpg

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