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Dammit why did I do that...

rokboks Mar 24, 2012

  1. rokboks

    rokboks Huge member

    So bro's looks like I messed up pretty bad... While trying to take out the pin that holds my latch on my T latch 42 I managed to deform it and ruin it (stupid stupid stupid :smashface::katbonk::ssad:) so now I'm stuck with zen... It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to EDC it and the latch helps me somehow with chaplins... Anyone else screwed up their bali sometime?

    P.S. contacted Benchmade hoping they still have spare pins :cry:
  2. Uz4u

    Uz4u Misanthrope

    the latch helps with chaplins because it adds extra weight to the bitehandle

    if you absolutely must have that latch back contact a custom maker, I'm sure a missing pin isn't beyond their abilities

    the T-latch 42 wasn't the best for roll-overs anyway
  3. rokboks

    rokboks Huge member

    I figured it'd be the weight that helped... Benchmade hasn't contacted back but it's still early. This actually got me thinking the 51 sounds like the perfect EDC bali: lightweight, spring latch that holds open, pocket clip, G-10+Ti, flippability... Must...not...empty wallet...
  4. sirhorsechoker

    sirhorsechoker cheapskate balifag fliptard

    it seems like a lot of you guys are emailing benchmade.

    i wanted to say, i can email benchmade and make a request - they tend to shoot me down.

    but if i call with the same request, and make sure im not speaking to the same person, i can almost always sweet talk my way into it. they may have to go speak to their supervisor or whatever but it usually works. i break knives like everyday.

    yeah. i talk sweet sometimes. big whoop, wanna fight about it? :manganr:
  5. Kenny_Powers

    Kenny_Powers Level: True Devil

    SHC is correct you will have better luck calling Benchmade instead of an email it could take a long while before they respond to ur email
  6. Mpsecare

    Mpsecare Owl Man

    i couldn't resist :bwah:
  7. rokboks

    rokboks Huge member

    Hahahaha i know i know everyone asks too much I've had good luck with Benchmade and emails before that's why i sent one

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