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  1. Drill Sergeant

    Drill Sergeant Huge member

    I have been searching for information about my father’s WWII unit for years. A few days ago I finally hit pay dirt. I found someone on the internet who was looking for men who served in his unit. He had photos that his father had taken of my Dad and his buddies from the ETO.

    My dad served in the 502 Quartermaster Car Company. It was attached to Third Army HQ (General George S. Patton). My father drove for Colonel Claude E. Haswell who was in charge of finding advanced bivouac areas for the Third Army Headquarters. Those HQ areas were called “Lucky Forward”. Lucky was the code name for the Third Army. As you may be aware, Patton moved very quickly so he kept those two hopping.

    Attached is a photo of my Dad and two other men from his unit. He’s holding his M1 Carbine. It is obviously with all early features. Unfortunately, the M3 Fighting Knife issued with each Carbine is not visible in the photo. He was only 19 at the time this picture was taken. The location, while unknown, was probably in Luxembourg or the area of Nancy, France.

    The Jeep carries the name of his British girlfriend (don’t tell my Mom). Check out those uniforms. He always had the brightest boots in his unit (Patton wouldn't have it any other way).

    I continue my search for others from his unit. If anyone seeing this post knows someone who served in the 502nd, please PM me. Those who served in WWII are quickly disappearing from the scene and their exploits, sacrifices and bravery have been forgotten by many.

    By the way, all three men in this photo made it home safely.
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  2. GlockNRolla

    GlockNRolla Intergalactic Booty Hunter

    Very cool!!

    Thank you for sharing!! :thumbsup:
  3. goosefacer

    goosefacer Little member

    Awesome stuff! I've fund some pics of my grandpa in WWI - the men that fought for us were cut from a different cloth.
  4. englishmark

    englishmark Wicked Gardener

    That is a very cool picture, thanks for posting.
  5. AJD1

    AJD1 Prince Of Darkness Brigade Member

    Excellent pic!!!!

    Heres 1 i'll add of my dad in Okinawa,circa 1944..

    He served throughtout Japan and Phillipines in the Army Aviation Corps

    and was a Radio Mechanic Gunner..

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  6. Climber

    Climber Huge member

    Way Cool

    Writeup & pics touched my heart, man. Well Done.
    I appreciate the details you included, and wish you good success in your continuing search.
    My deepest respects to those who fought with bravery, as your dad & his companions.
    May they not be forgotten.
    As the wartime helicopter pilot quipped:
    ~ Thousands of soldiers earned medals for bravery every day.
    A few were even awarded.

    And that pic of AJD1's dad: i thot by your posts you had a bit of 'James Dean' in ya...
    Ah, the days when a semi-auto strapped to a man's chest & a short-sword standing at the ready wasn't an uncommon sight. And that's not even pulling guard duty: he's just chillin.'
    Great Pics, both.
    Thanks for the show & tell.
    Off to find some dark beer and a long blade to sharpen.
    Cheers for the unsung heroes. :3cheers:
  7. OoReFLuXoO

    OoReFLuXoO Little member

    Perfect portrait tattoos
  8. Don

    Don Huge member

    Awesome Pic!!!
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  9. Dingle1911

    Dingle1911 Little member

    Thanks for posting. And thank you to those who serve.
  10. Daffiestlime

    Daffiestlime Little member

    Really cool, bet he's told you loads of interesting stories about it all :D

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