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Custom Sheath

AngryKoala Apr 3, 2021

  1. AngryKoala

    AngryKoala Tiny Member

    Hello All,

    I just bought this knife (link below) without the sheath. I am new to knives but I know a good sheath is probably akin to a good holster. I'm thinking I want to roll with kydex however I'm quite ignorant so I can be swayed either way.


    Anyone know of an individual or company that could make a sheath for the knife above?

    Thank you in advance!
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  2. Flip Tripper

    Flip Tripper Huge member JDBA Official Member

    For a custom kydex sheath you might wanna hit up Linos [​IMG]
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  3. AngryKoala

    AngryKoala Tiny Member

    Will do, I'm all for supporting individuals and small companies (prefer it actually). Thank you.
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  4. chutcher

    chutcher JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    Looks like a pretty bad ass knife. If you want a good leather sheath then you cannot go wrong with Patriot Leather Company. Great quality and many different options. The only drawback is they are custom made and have several weeks lead time. I have one for one of my fixed blades and absolutely love it. http://patriotleatherco.com/
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  5. AngryKoala

    AngryKoala Tiny Member

    Wow, those look good. Seems like everything has a long lead time now so not surprised. My Geissele pistol probably won't come in for another few months.
  6. Priest144

    Priest144 Tiny Member

    That’s badass. I have Geiselkes on
    That knife looks badass. I’ve used Geiselle triggers for years, but I didn’t know they moved into the knife market. Geiselle makes solid products.

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