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Custom Leather Carving

Mr.LaBella Oct 11, 2010

  1. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

  2. Tony8179

    Tony8179 Bone For Tuna Brigade Member

    Alright, now that I got a little sleep and I am on a real computer, I can finally say all that I wanted to say earlier.

    Usually I would have been all over the pictures, but I was so busy talking to everyone and getting to know everyone that I never even picked up the camera. I apologize to all the Devilz that weren't there, but to be honest, you should have been there ya bastids! :devilzeek

    Seriously though, it was great to meet some Devilz that I'd never met before. snjc74, cadi con carde, and of course Tubtar. John, it was a pleasure to finally meet you brother. By the way, if you ever have a Brend Ground SS TR-3 that you're looking to move... Well, you know. :madaddy:

    I was blown away by the entire crew at BRKT. As soon as Aldo and I got there we were told to make ourselves at home. We were shown the shop and we were allowed to move around as we wished and watch the work that was going on at the time. Let me tell you that the work going on at the time was very impressive.

    Mike and Leslie made it a great time for everyone with their warm hospitality. Mike, those steaks were phenomenal. I don't know what was in that marinade, but it was goooooooooood! Abby coordinated to whole thing and she absolutely nailed it. Jimmy, Skittles, Dan, and all the guys in the shop were always very close by for a helping hand and they were EXTREMELY helpful. I'm sorry if that I left out a few names of the guys in the shop. After meeting so many people I'm embarrassed to say that I have forgotten a few names. Of course, I can't leave out Donna and Crystal as they too made us feel so welcome. Donna's son made a killer looking skinner and I was very impressed how it came out. Not to mention he was a real nice guy to boot.

    Now I come to Reid and his crew. I had a great time talking to Reid. Funny as hell, smart as hell, and a literal enyclopedia of knowledge. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with Reid and his son. The guy also makes some ingenious sheathing systems and the finish on the sheaths is top notch. I know you guys either own or have seen some of the Sharpshooter Pocket Sheaths from KSF. Finally, I come to Alicia Bailey. This young lady works for Reid and has an amazing talent when it comes to carvin leather. Before I knew who was doing the carving I was checking out a sheath with some howling wolves carved into it and I was impressed. I see this young and tiny lady hunched over a piece of leather and banging away at it with some tools and piece of axe handle. As I peered over her shoulder I could see that she was doing work on a sheath. A complicated and detailed floral pattern was being created and it looked stunning. So Reid shows me this little pocket sheath that has the JD logo and the image of a smiling Devil on it. I looked at him and told him that I had to have one. Reid told her to get to work on one and by the time we went back to the shop for dinner, it was done. Again, let me tell you that this girl has some serious talent for this. She may be new to the game, but she's no novice. Wait until you see the one she made Ron. It's really impressive.

    By the way, if you don't have a Sharpshooter KSF City Pocket Sheath, you really need to get one. They are pretty ingenious and awesome. A little fixed blade, your license, a credit card, a debit card, a bit of cash and you're good to go!

    Check it out Devilz. :ross:
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  3. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool


    You are right.

    Alicia is very talented.

    Here are some other Sheaths she has Carved







    Alica does work to order so she can use your artwork or help you develop something Special.

  4. leatherman

    leatherman Beelzebub's Leathersmith Knife Maker or Craftsman Super Moderator Brigade Member

    There's definitely some talent brewing there, well done Alicia. :)

    I look forward to watching her grow in her craft.
  5. 50calmike

    50calmike 50 caliber Devil

    Some damn fine work there!
    Has she ever considered engraving as well?
  6. oromoto

    oromoto Enormous member

    Nice stuff!!
  7. Nmam

    Nmam Average member

    That is some truly incredible work. Don't have any knives as fancy as those sheaths though :ssad:

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