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Custom Build #630G, another 'specialist' knife...

Stuart Mitchell May 6, 2015

  1. Stuart Mitchell

    Stuart Mitchell knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    #630 came about before #630G was even a twinkle...

    Not sure when but a while ago I received an enquiry about creating a stalking knife, loosely based on the Muntjac series of knives but definitely customised to suit the commissioners needs and likes, #630 was duly ordered, made and delivered, here it is...




    Basic specs are 1/8" SF100, 4.5" ish blade and black canvas Micarta...

    About a fortnight after delivery it was put to the test and reports were favourable...

    Edge holding excellent, your interpretation of the blade worked very well, made tunnelling out the rear end a total breeze, and the much discussed scale/handle shape works well for my hands.

    Happy ? ................ no



    Following on from there discussions turned to a matching pair of sorts, #630 to be mated with a Grallocher, same basic specs but of course a differing design/profile...

    Most of the Grallochers I have worked on have been edge down, edge up was looking like being favoured this time though so a couple of different options were brought to the table...


    Sure enough edge up won through...

    And today saw #630G finished, ready for sheathing anyway, it still needs a final fettle and an edge but you'll get the idea...




    So, non identical twins born 7 months apart.... :bwah:

    Cheers all, Stu :manganr:

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