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Country of Origin

Blurred Memories May 17, 2020

  1. Blurred Memories

    Blurred Memories Average Member

    tldr version: china bad, taiwan good.

    I know alot of people feel buying made is usa is cool and maybe buying made in china or taiwan isn't.

    And I'd like to change your mind, but only slightly.

    I'd like to see an attitude of "buying made in a "free" country is cool"

    If you consider that every dollar you spend supports the government that collects taxes on that product,

    here's why buying made in china is not cool:

    If you're a knife company that contracts third party manufacturers for lower costs and higher profits (boker, brs, spyderco, kershaw, gerber, i mean really its damn near everybody....) Please choose a county that at least tries to treat it's people right.

    If you're a knife buyer, vote with wallets. Stop funding china.

    it boggles my mind that our government still allows any trade at all with countries like this.

    just my 2cp. Taiwan seems a reasonable alternative.

    and here's why i have now no qualms with buying from Taiwan:

    I know both of those links are going to be tldr for alot of people, but i urge you to at least give them a quick scan.

    almost forgot.. for those awesome knifemakers in china... please get the fuck out... i'd invite you here but immigration is a bit wonky these days... maybe if you tell our pres you want to bring manufacturing here, he might fast track you =)
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