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Clip Point Hunter

Terrapin83 Oct 1, 2019

  1. Terrapin83

    Terrapin83 Little Member

    Clip Point Hunter
    Blade: 1080 carbon steel, 5" cutting edge
    Handle: Black/Red canvas micarta

    Today is opening day of bow season on deer here. I've had this mostly finished for a while aside from a few small details, but being opening day of deer season, I went ahead and finished up so I can gift it to my stepdad at the start of the season here. He's been checking it out as I've worked on it, all the while not knowing I was making it for him. Should be a good surprise for him when he get's it later on tonight.

    Had a lot of fun making this one. Wanted to have a nice leather sheath made for it, but haven't had the extra funds. But now I'm thinking if he uses it to skin a deer this year, I might just have to make a deer hide sheath for it. Would be quite fitting, methinks.

    DSCN4427lq.jpg DSCN4428lq.jpg DSCN4430lq.jpg DSCN4432lq.jpg DSCN4437lq.jpg DSCN4438lq.jpg DSCN4439lq.jpg DSCN4441lq.jpg DSCN4440lq.jpg
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