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Chris Reeve Professional Soldier, Insingo Blade

KNIFEWORKS Aug 30, 2015


    KNIFEWORKS Knifeworks Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Chris Reeve Professional Soldier, Insingo Blade

    Our Price: $195.00

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    The Professional Soldier, Insingo Blade, The Smallest Package of Fully Tactical
    This collaboration with designer Bill Harsey was created at the request of the owners of www.professionalsoldiers.com, a discussion forum for active duty and retired Special Forces soldiers.
    Chris Reeve is proud to continue the tradition of honoring the elite military and, in this knife, to offer a discreet, no-nonsense tool. The central cutaway reduces weight and doubles as a shackle wrench, accommodating up to a 5/8th inch shackle. The frame style knife fits snugly into a slim Kydex sheath so it is readily accessible, whether tucked into a cargo pocket or attached to a MOLLE vest. A 36 inch nylon lanyard is threaded through holes in the handle and tied in such a way that the sound of the knife being laid on a hard surface will be muffled.


    Blade Material:CPM S35VN Stainless Steel
    Blade Hardness:58-59 RC
    Blade Finish:KG Gun-Koteā„¢
    Blade Length:3.375" (86 mm)
    Blade Thickness:0.165" (4.1 mm)
    Overall Length:7.25" (184 mm)
    Weight:3 oz. (85 g)
    Sheath:Kydex made by Blade Tech

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