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Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21, Snakewood Inlay

KNIFEWORKS Sep 1, 2015


    KNIFEWORKS Knifeworks Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21, Snakewood Inlay

    Our Price: $510.00 Free USA shipping on all orders over $99.00



    The folding knife that has become the yardstick against which others are compared, the Sebenza has earned a worldwide reputation for rock solid performance and a “bank vault” feel. Chris developed the first Sebenza in 1987 and the profile has experienced minor changes over the years. After the entirely handmade version, came the Original profile in 1990, the Regular in 1996 and the Classic in 2000. 2008 was the 21st year of the Sebenza and to celebrate, we introduced the Sebenza 21—an updated version of the classic, that is easier to insert into a pocket or pouch. Whether plain with a tumbled or “stonewashed” S35VN blade and sand blasted handles, or embellished with a polished or damascus blade, wood inlay or lavish graphics, each Sebenza is individually fitted to the closest tolerances. All Sebenzas are available in large or small, and dedicated right or left handed.

    Sebenzas with Inlays
    Bridging the gap between hi-tech titanium and the organic feel of natural material is the Sebenza 21 with inlay. Available with mammoth or a choice of woods, each piece fits exactly into one of three pockets machined into the handle—two on the front and one on the back. For those who prefer all hi-tech, we also offer inlays of black canvas Micarta. The fit of the inlay into the pocket is to extremely tight tolerance and the sections are retained with VHB™ (very high bonding) double sided tape. The inlays give a contoured feel to the handle and are as attractive as they are functional. A polished S35VN blade and satin finish titanium handles enhance the wood inlay Sebenza 21 with wood or mammoth, tumbled blade and sandblasted handle complete those with Micarta. A gold or silver thumb lug and spacer is chosen to coordinate with the color of the inlay. Wood choices include Gabon Ebony, Bocote, Cocobolo, and Snakewood. Other woods may be available from time to time.

    Specifications Large Sebenza 21

    • Blade material: S35VN Stainless Steel
    • Blade hardness; 58-59 RC
    • Blade length: 3.625" (92mm)
    • Blade thickness: 0.125" (3.175mm)
    • Overall length: 8.335" (212mm)
    • Handle material: 6AL4V Titanium
    • Weight: 4.7 oz (133g)

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