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Chemo is a Bitch!

Clydetz May 9, 2010

  1. Komodo

    Komodo entertainment coordinator Brigade Member

    Those aren't the side effect of chemo my friend, they're all the normal effects of being as OLD as you are! :lafflol:

    You know I'm just joking with you my friend. I wish you nothing but the best and speedy recovery.
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  2. Clydetz

    Clydetz Forever straight and true Brigade Member

    Thanks all! [​IMG]
    Appreciate the offer of the gloves, Cadi, but looks like the peeling on the hands has stopped. I can't say my hands feel soft & smooth but it looks like the cracking & peeling has stopped. Funny you should mention the B12 supplement... I've been taking it along with a Centrum vitamin pill and Vitamin D supplement for awhile now. Don't really know why I started it but maybe it helped out. :ssmile:
    Enjoyed your input, Glenn! I don't really care what color my hair is if & when it starts to grow again although blonde would be nice... I hear they have more fun! :devil1:
    At the present, the only side effect I'm experiencing is the discolored toenails, small blisters and mainly the swelling of the left foot & ankle. I know Casper is not happy with that since I can't walk him like we were doing. I see the doc tomorrow for a consultation about the next group of chemo so I'm hoping to get some good news and get this chemo moving along.

    Naw... the Army had nothing to do with it. I've always been a tough SOB but it took this chemo crap to prove it! :bwah:

    Oh! By the way... I had some skirt steak, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables last night for dinner and everything tasted just fine! :ssmile:

    Thanks again for all your support! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. ratstuph

    ratstuph Hoodoo Operator Super Moderator

    I'm about to go pick up a black walnut tree to plant. I will call it "Gary" as they are pretty tough nuts.
    I hope the rest passes with less discomfort. You can probably get a grey magic marker to redo the pubes; that way you'll be all good for Speedo weather.
    all da best,
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  4. longbow

    longbow scratch n sniffer

    Hang tough bro. Don't know what else to add other than what the other folks have touched on. Be good to yourself too, don't forget that. keepem sharp
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    GODDESS OF VENGEANCE Crazy Bitch Lady Devil Super Moderator

    Through ALL that pain and suffering you are going through Gary, YOU are still a Beautiful Person Inside & Out!! Don't YOU Ever Forget That!!:heart::GOV:

    WE are ALL with you through this!! We feel your pain... when you are hurting, WE feel your happiness..when you are happy, WE As A JD Family Are Here For YOU!! You Know, I Am Here For You My Friend!!:kat::GOV:

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  6. SugarSkull

    SugarSkull Ring Of Bone

    Well. You did get to keep your eyebrows.

    It's good to see you are bearing this as well as you are. May you feel much better soon.

    If you don't mind, give Casper a pet for me.

    Hang in there.
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  7. lachrymalex

    lachrymalex hellion on point

    you should also expect your hair color and texture to change. a good friend of mine went through chemo and radiation therapy; he went from having poker straight blond hair to wavy, light brown hair.

    hang in there, man.
  8. firepowerfox

    firepowerfox Foxy Devil Lady Devil

    My mom and ex-fiance a few years back both had cancer and went thru chemo, My mom also had radiation treatment, When all was done with things got back to normal bodywise. My mom was happy as her hair came back curly as when she was young, Wilf my ex was a body builder and used to shave his chest anyway but I know it was hard on both of them, You just have to remember it will be over soon. Luv Penny
  9. snufferoo

    snufferoo snuffaluffagus devil

    Get well soon Gary, you'll kick its ass in no time.
  10. Ken Brock

    Ken Brock Who's Awesome? Super Moderator

    hang in there Gary
  11. Kura

    Kura The Devil’s bloodline

    mine won't respond to chemo so they won't even try, only constant surgery until it is either gone or there is nothing left to cut, I would love for the chance to be sick from chemo kemo whatever....so go through it with a smile my friend.
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  12. bigbob68

    bigbob68 non poseur

    Prayers and smoke sent your way.
  13. falcon125

    falcon125 the express train to mayhem Brigade Member

    Well aint you a ray of sunshine:bwah:

    Kick it in the ass Gary, You're half way there.
  14. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool

    Trying to keep it real but.....

    Gary has done something that most of us can't thank him enough for.

    He is sharing his experience with us.

    We are getting a look into how this goes and how a fella can and does handle it.

    Gary I thank you for that.

    Those of us that have been here for a long time know you well enough to be confident that you will get through this with flying colors.

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  15. Bobert

    Bobert Look what I can do!


    That was really well put, Mike, I couldn't agree more.
    The fact that he is able to share this with us in a dignified manner
    speaks volumes to his strength and character

    You may laugh, Gary, but I truly believe that.
    It's the kind of toughness most of us like to think we have,
    but hope we never have to find out for sure, and you have it.
    You're kicking this thing's ass, in true JD fashion, with wit and humor!
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  16. MarieLaveau

    MarieLaveau Pistol Packin' Mama Lady Devil

    Gary, darlin', I went through every single one of the things you described, plus a few more...and I can tell you all sounds normal, and it sounds like the chemo is doing its job. I had the same thing with my nails, both fingers and toes, too. They're still growing out again, and some of them are still brittle and crumbly. My hair is coming in much darker than before too. I even had the same swelling of my left leg and ankle, no matter what we did to stop it. It's all good. I'm still here, on the right side of the ground, although I don't really even look like the same person anymore. Probably because I'm not. :schmoove:

    I have no doubt that you are as tough as they come, sweetheart. You are, and always have been, true blue. You have guardian angels beside you every step of the way. And as always, you have a place in my heart. :kat:
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  17. Clydetz

    Clydetz Forever straight and true Brigade Member

    I've just been following your lead, ML... you're a good influence! [​IMG] I've found a great amount of support from all the JD family, my immediate family, friends and even that little, white, rascal Casper! Only once over the past 3 months can I remember laying in bed thinking to myself... I can't go on. And then that 22 lb Westie put his front feet up on the bed, looked me in the face, wagged his tail and I knew that was one of the stupidest thoughts I have ever had! :bwah:

    My heart goes out to you my friend as well as my prayers. May they only have to cut once to get it all. Stay strong and if we should meet, the first beer is on me, sir. Get well, Kura.
  18. Kura

    Kura The Devil’s bloodline

    well tomorrow is my day to fight, so the plan is to grab death by the throat and squeeze so he can't swollow me. I just need a little help to keep the grip tight.
  19. Clydetz

    Clydetz Forever straight and true Brigade Member

    It would be my pleasure to help you with that 'death grip', Kura and Casper will bite his ankles! Best wishes, sir! [​IMG]

    The doc just told me yesterday... because of the side effects I had with the first 4 treatments, he's going to decrease the dose of the 2nd chemo drug but increase it from 4 treatments (1 every 2 weeks) to 12 treatments (1 every week). Looks like Casper & I will be taking in the sights of CT for an extra month.
  20. westllen

    westllen Enormous member

    Gary, sorry to hear your going threw Chemo. I hope the treatments go fast, smooth and the pain decreases to zero. Godspeed to recovery.

    as we say in Chemotherapy ...be well, keep the faith.

    Positive thoughts and prayers sent out, be strong buddy. You do not stand alone.


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