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Camera for the Lady

MTXCraze Aug 17, 2014

  1. MTXCraze

    MTXCraze I flip therefore I am JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    I'm on the search for a camera with decent zoom for my Lady.

    I just would appreciate a point in the right direction.

    I don't know to much about cameras or what features I would want besides wanting something that can zoom in to say a birds nest and take quality pictures at the very least.

    Price range maybe max $200

    My ears are open to any suggestions

    Gonna go fondle google for a little while and see what i come up with.

    Thanks for any help:thumbsup:
  2. mikeymoto

    mikeymoto Don't make me cu..OW! Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Just make sure to get something offering image stabilization / vibration reduction. Easily possible in your price range.
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  3. Mpsecare

    Mpsecare Owl Man

    Man just get her a 99$ deal I know how those girls are she will use it for a month and then forget about like her sister and her treadmill

  4. MTXCraze

    MTXCraze I flip therefore I am JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    well she's gonna buy it with gift cards im just doing the leg work but she's insisting she wants something thats not a piece of shit:ross:
  5. MTXCraze

    MTXCraze I flip therefore I am JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Thanks for the info:thumbsup:
  6. gzb

    gzb SUPER Moderator* Super Moderator

    You do realize that "decent zoom" and "max $200" is like wanting a NIB good flipping Bali for the same don't you..?
    That said, you can get close.

    I'm another Canon fan and something like THIS RIGHT HERE is about as good as you'll get IMO...

    And it'll also take better knife pics than your Smartphone...:devilwag:
  7. MTXCraze

    MTXCraze I flip therefore I am JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    I know getting what I want usually can cost more than I want but a man can hope:devilwag:

    That canon looks perfect.

    I dont need to zoom 2 football fields its just gonna be for around the house and maybe while out on a nature walk a the local reservoir.

    and probably knife pictures after "she will use it for a month and then forget about like her sister and her treadmill" :bwah:
  8. sickboy

    sickboy Marsupial Brigade Member

    Optical zoom is more important than digital zoom. Pixels are meh depending on what you want to do with the picts. Skip any "red eye" crap as a decider. Glass is important.

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  9. PS-RagE

    PS-RagE "R" for Adventure JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    This has a pretty decent zoom:

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  10. Mpsecare

    Mpsecare Owl Man

    yeah shit man, guys this is inevitably for knife pics let's get crackin' as MTXCraze comes in contact with some top tier wares.
  11. Shike

    Shike knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

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  12. 3Bulls

    3Bulls Brigade Member Brigade Member

    You'll probably have to do some leg work here but DP Reviews reviews all sorts of cameras by category. It's a good resource and should help you with your dilemma.

    When you settle on a camera a good low f-stop will help your wife out in social events with low lighting.

    A camera with a macro setting will help if you intend to take pictures of knives, allowing you to bring the camera closer to the subject and still maintain a focus.

    Also the higher the pixel count (MP)'is not always better. Somewhere in the mid-teens should serve its purpose well.

    Personally I'm partial to Panasonic cameras.

    Hope I didn't confuse you and hopefully the link helps.
  13. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    This is perfect for taking pictures of the ladies...

    that don't pull their shades down! :realfunny:
  14. choombak

    choombak Huge member

    Here is a checklist that I had when I went shopping for a point-and-shoot camera:
    1. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) - must have. This ensures the stability of pictures in low-light conditions
    2. Optical Zoom at least 3x - must have.
    3. Megapixels - between 10 and 16. Heck, I ain't printin no banners! :-)
    4. Macro mode, flash, etc. are standard on most models.
    5. WiFi - Good to have, no deal breaker.

    I purchased the Panasonic LX7 for $299 in a deal. If you aren't in a hurry, this will be deeply discounted this Black Friday, as the LX8 makes entry.
  15. philip

    philip Little member

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  16. 3Bulls

    3Bulls Brigade Member Brigade Member


    Please don't get OIS confused with low-light situations. OIS is an all around stabilization used internally by the camera, normally with point-and-shoots, within lens on DSLR. Low light is based solely on the minimal f-stop that the camera is capable of such as: f/2:2, f/1:8, etc.

    The lower the f-stop the better images you can take in low light conditions. And typically the lower the f-stop the more money you're talking about.

    Just take a look at Nikon's or Canon's website and find the price for a lens as close to f/1:0 that you can find. Chances are the lens will cost upwards of $2-3k. At that f-stop you can take a picture in near total darkness with extremely minimal artificial light.

    Again hope this help you and anyone else out in the long run.

  17. L R Harner

    L R Harner They call me "Butch" Knife Maker or Craftsman

    low light IQ is based on a few things includig how "fast" a len is sensor size MP density ISO limits (and how clean they are ) and if the cam has image stabilization
    smaller sensors with high pixal density need more help on the output side (i dont know of many P&S that have RAW file output

    a faster "brighter" lens is a huge help but if you ar stuck shooting wide open the lens will not be at its best and also the depth of field is narrow making it had to get what you are shooting in focus

    ISO in low light you will want nice clean files at 1600/3200 this will make the most of any lens you hope to use. this is where IS (image stablizing comes into play)

    so you need shutter speed to stop motion (and blur ) IS alows maybe the use of one or 2 speeds slower shutter and still mostly stop motion (really best at stopping you the shooters motion not so much the target)

    all this is out the window when shoppig for a P&S
    pick your price range and find the one that fits your hands and is easy for you to navagate throught options. dont worry about MP so long as its over 10 and zoom range (35mm = ) range from 28-105 for walk around but with 30x zooms beig easy on the larger P&S thats your option
  18. 3Bulls

    3Bulls Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Not attempting to start any arguments hereā€¦keep in mind the higher the ISO the higher the noise in the image (or the grainier, noisier) the image will be and may not be acceptable for a large sized image or even a 4x6.

    This is a common trade off with point-and-shoot, prosumer-DSLR, and DSLR cameras.

    If you intend to get into any type of photography there are several books that can help you or anyone understand the intricacies of cameras be it digital or film.

    Point is there are several factors that are at play in low light situations that range from your equipment (not that equipment) to your subject of photography (still or motion) and the surrounding environment.

    Signing out.
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  19. RNST

    RNST Entrusted Devil Super Moderator

    So what did you decide to do with this one? Lots of helpful comments were made in this thread :thumbsup:
  20. MTXCraze

    MTXCraze I flip therefore I am JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    This thread has been MORE than helpful and I thank everyone for the advice.

    We/She hasn't pulled the trigger yet on buying one mostly because of procrastination but im learning towards

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