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Bushing/washer/ the pivot thing

rock3r4life Dec 8, 2019

  1. rock3r4life

    rock3r4life Sir shtablington

    I like to keep my beloved Clockwork (affectionately named cause its Orange) clean, lubricated, and rtf. Therefore a I was lubricating/rust reductifieing (hehe), and used some silicone spray all over the Steel, and figured Eh, might as well help the pivots a bit with some Lubricant, then found out that it MAY be an issue with the whole spray can crap... so I did that twice before I learned it COULD be a problem, so I'm getting some go ol mineral tomorrow, as I freaking lost my BM blue lube... Do you think I need to get new bushings now, as i hit them with a wd40-like silicone spray?
  2. Ladams19

    Ladams19 Tiny Member Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Now I am pretty new with all of this so bear with me. I have been reading up on bushing types because I am dying to make my first folding knife. Anyway....depending on the type of bushing material it may or may not absorb WD40. You should know if the the knife is harder to open or close or if you are seeing any swelling in the bushings. They should start to look like expanded plastic if they are absorbing. If there is no change in the feel when you open you should be OK. Just peek in there every now and then and make sure you are not seeing any pieces coming off. If they start to absorb I have read that they can become unstable a bit and start to loose material. Again, I am new at the folder game and just starting it. Want to build a couple before I take my journeyman BM test hopefully next summer. Best of luck with this though. Happy Holidays

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