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Brand new Knuckle knife with sheath for sale!!!!!

Sharpazzhell Jun 12, 2019

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  1. Sharpazzhell

    Sharpazzhell locomotive disaster

    This I bought from a knife store on LONG island. This ain't that 19.99 $ crap one you see on websites. Like the 1918 world war 1 replicants.It s brand new. Never been dropped, stored safely, sharp, glass breaker. All steel other than the nice wood from TAIWAN not CHINA. . I notice there not OVAL like a trench knife usually is. it is real Taiwan wood. Has gut hooks on top, spikes on finger holes.This will be shipped in a medium usps priority box. No other exceptions. It is a cillectable item if you like it IMO. I dont know much about it. 'm not into large knives.PayPal only. I'm asking 40$. Negotiate I can do. I've searched for this knife and I cannot find it all I see is like replica nt's or I see the real US 1918 trench knife. Pay pal fees and shipping will be buyers responsible for pay pal fees and shipping bc I wont make anything off it anyway. Just trying to make a little money

    Pics and video

    20190612_211314_resized.jpg 20190612_211249_resized.jpg 20190612_211257_resized.jpg
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