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Boker Speed Lock, current Availability?

guiltyspark Jul 10, 2015

  1. guiltyspark

    guiltyspark Little member

    Hi Guys, I've been out of knife collecting for a few years. Whats the current state of Boker Speed Lock availability? I saw a few priced pretty high, like $200+. Can you still get factory Speed lock autos? I got the one in the pic below from Knifeshop.com a decade ago and it was fairly cheap. I put a heavy spring in it that I got on some forum and it's a hell of a knife, definitely an EDC contender. You guys like these? I'd love to get one with abalone or MOP inserts.

    I carry a Kershaw leek which I like a lot, but I have big hands and it feels kinda small. The Speed Lock is more my size.

  2. diggumsmack2

    diggumsmack2 Level: True Devil


    BladeHQ currently has six vintage Boker speed locks up
    for sale. Ranging from $84.95 to $100.00. Recently there
    site showed a whole bunch of speed locks available, probably
    some ones collection.
  3. Brian_W204

    Brian_W204 Enormous member

    The factory Boker automatics are all manufactured in other countries, and as such, they are illegal to import into the US, so that pretty much explains the limited availability.

    If I recall correctly, the Speed Lock models that have a nail nick in the blade are not factory automatics and are made in Argentina as manual knives. They are converted to automatic after being imported here. All of the models BladeHQ currently has appear to be the Argentina variety.

    You specifically mentioned "factory Speed Lock autos," but if you don't actually care whether it's a factory auto or a conversion, then widen your search to include the Top Lock models as well.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2015
  4. guiltyspark

    guiltyspark Little member

    Thanks for the responses guys. I did see those Bokers at Blade HQ, almost bought one. In fact, I might go back and have a look.

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