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Boker Plus Jive

EDClife4US Oct 24, 2021

  1. EDClife4US

    EDClife4US Little Member

    I picked up the Boker Plus Jive from KnifeCenter. First off the packaging is stellar! I thought I was unboxing a Reate knife with this packaging. It came with a zipper pouch and cloth bag! The Titanium handle has a great weight and feel in my medium to large hand. The thumb studs are easy to flick due to the excellent ergonomics of the titanium handle. The D2 clip point blade is impressive and sexy. The grind is perfect and shiny hahaha. The frame lock has perfect lock up with 0 blade play. Knife just drops shut and sits centered in between titanium handle. I can flick this knife all day. The clip is great and fits/sits in my pocket great. Im very, very happy I got this from KC. Great job to designer, Brian Efros. Brian your become a designer im gonna look for.

    I wanna update y’all. Smoky Mountain Knife Works is selling the Jive for like $28 bucks cheaper!!! Im a bit upset to find this out. Haha But makes more sense at this price point with D2 steel. I just wanna pass it along to you guys n gals. I love KnifeCenter but who can blame you for wanting to get the best deal? Another note, through KnifeCenter your shipping is free.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2021

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