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BM51 w/ EDC Knives Scales latch dragging

Jubie Feb 1, 2020

  1. Jubie

    Jubie Tiny Member

    I love my Benchmade 51 with EDC Knives Ti chevron scales I got on the used market. The weight feels great, and it's great in the pocket and with my limited flipping skills

    But the latch drags, especially if I fully tighten the screws back there. They are currently slightly loose. With my stock 32, it doesn't have this issue, even fully tightened. The screws would back out now every few days. I sent it in to Benchmade to get it fixed, thinking it was a benchmade issue. It still drags after I got it back but doesn't walk back as often. They replaced some parts. Has this happened to anyone else? Solutions? It's functional, but I'd like it to act like it should. Thanks
  2. thegoodedge

    thegoodedge Pacific Edge Cutlery JDBA Official Member

    I've had this same issue before. It was actually on a 32 that I took apart to clean. When I put it back together the latch was binding.
    It was quite a while ago, and I don't remember exactly what I figured out was causing it.
    I remember considering just shaving a couple thou off the flats of the latch so it would swing free--easy fix with the right tools/equipment.

    If you've got the ability to shave a little off the latch flats (the area with the hole through it), that will take care of your issue.
    Let me know if that works out for you...
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