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BM Infidel 3320 vs 3300

Joker188 Aug 26, 2018

  1. Joker188

    Joker188 Average Member

    Greetings Devils,

    Please redirect if the following inquiry has previously been addressed.

    I embrace the warm welcome to the knife collecting community from this forum and would like to acknowledge my introduction was per balisongs.

    I recently began considering an otf automatic and would like to split hairs between BM Infidel models. I notice an immediate difference in handles and blade length... but what exactly is meant by the 3320 "chisel ground single side bevel edge with double edge blade" vs 3300 "double edge" and what justifies the $50 price difference on the official BM site? I also notice the relief cut on the 3300 which has a distinct advantage in life/death scenarios for assumed reasons but I would appreciate any additional info regarding the two models.

    Microtech OTF's have also caught my attention. Perhaps I overlook their aesthetic quality assuming they prioritize this over utility. Can anyone speak to the two companies in terms of mechanism reliability?

    The last thought on my mind is that a fixed blade is the true and trusted sidearm... less to fail. I've also heard some OTF's have a terrible reputation for straight on puncture, that they're better suited to slicing.

    All opinions and advice are greatly appreciated.

  2. raymond454

    raymond454 Little member

    The 3320 is the Pagan model which has the differences you noted. The 3300 is the Infidel model. The groove in the Infidel blade is called a "fuller". It does not have "a distinct advantage in a life/death scenario" as you mentioned. People have called it a blood groove for years, but it serves no such purpose. The reason for the fuller is to lighten the blade while adding strength. Its application is more appropriate in swords and long blade fixed blade knives than in pocket knives. A chisel grind has just one beveled cutting edge. The other side is flat. Google them and you'll see the difference right away. A double edge blade just means that both sides of the blade are sharp.
    I've owned several different OTF Microtechs. They have a harder activator (slide switch) where the Benchmade ones are softer and spongier. They are every bit (if not more) of a utility knife as Benchmade or any other. At the end of the day, both are widely known as being 2 of the best OTF knives in production. Totally different in looks and feel. IMO, no OTF knife has much practical application.
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  3. BennytheBlade

    BennytheBlade Fate is Inexorable JDBA Official Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Chisel ground
    i agree with evrrything ray said except i do believe an otf does have a lot of practicality. Its a one handed knife essentially, and a good one can be reliably used for many purposes. The down sid es are its not a fixed blade and you have to be careful about dirt and maintenance to keep up the reliability, but if you are on this website you are a knife person and probably spend more time with knives than your children :oops:
  4. Joker188

    Joker188 Average Member

  5. Brian_W204

    Brian_W204 Enormous member

    There is a little more machining on the 3300, but the $50 price difference is pretty much marketing. There's not likely even $2 worth of material or machining difference.

    The Microtech internals are simpler, so in basic mechanical theory they should be more reliable solely based on the premise that less moving parts = higher reliability. That said, I've never had a failure with either brand, and only very few misfires with either brand and all were easily solved by a good cleaning.

    Benchmade makes a two models that have near identical internals to Microtech OTFs. They are the Phaeton and Precipice, and both are just slightly modified versions on the now-discontinued HK Turmoil, and Epidemic.

    I personally think the Phaeton is the only current Benchmade OTF that makes a good EDC. I have an Infidel, Mini Infidel, Pagan, Phaeton, and a HK Epidemic (same as Precipice), so I'm not just speculating, but it is still just an opinion.

    You can find videos of people pounding various OTFs into 2x4s and 55-gallon oil drums. They're strong enough to puncture whatever you'd need them for, although "straight-on puncture" is pretty much the last thing I care about for any knife that I carry. It kinds sounds like you're looking for a knife for self-defense. If that's the case, stick to fixed blades. If you're looking for an OTF for utility, here's the short list that own, have experience with, and would recommend:

    ~3-inch blade
    Microtech UTX85 S/E
    Microtech Troodon S/E
    ~3.5-inch blades
    Microtech Scarab S/E
    Benchmade Phaeton
    Hogue OTF clip-point
    Microtech Ultratech S/E

    ~4-inch blade
    Microtech Combat Troodon S/E

    Some others I have no experience with but look pretty good are:
    Guardian Tactical Recon-035
    HK Hadron (looks like a remake of the Benchmade-manufactured HK Turmoil but now made by Hogue)
    Piranha Rated-R Clip-point
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  6. wes

    wes Mephistopheles Super Moderator Brigade Member

    We used to do things like that on here but with pictures rather than video.
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  7. Joker188

    Joker188 Average Member

    Thank you, Devils.
  8. desmodus

    desmodus Arc Sodium Administrator Lady Devil JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    the good old days...

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