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BM 51 Titanium handle mod

Helix Nov 16, 2012

  1. nostimos

    nostimos JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Thought of it, but was worried of dings since it's so soft, so I went with stainless myself.
    Yes, there will be another BM51 handle mod thread coming up shortly.:ropeman::manganr:

    Helix, I love the way yours came out!:thumbsup:
    The elongated slots stay with the original design.
    And the angled edge of the scales looks simple, and "no frills", but ready for serious use.
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  2. Helix

    Helix Balipocalypse Assassin

    Both steel or brass would be cool in their own way....but, I would caution against it if you want to improve the flippability of the 51. Everybody has their own personal preferences on weight....some like it heavier, some like it lighter. That's fine, but the problem with heavy handles on the 51 is that the blade is so slight it will likely throw off the balance. The 51 blade is very thin and light, so the bali will be very handle heavy if you go with steel or brass. Those handle materials really work better with a beefier blade imo. Just my 2 cents.
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  3. Baliguy

    Baliguy Huge member

    You think the titanium would offer better balance?

    You could use thinner scales of steel or brass and use something a bit lighter under it.
    You had a great idea and in return ended up with a very cool looking custom knife.
  4. echoshock

    echoshock Huge member

    Solution: golden blade.

  5. Helix

    Helix Balipocalypse Assassin

    Yes, I think ti offers better balance. Imo the G-10 scales were a little light and while fairly balanced with the blade, didn't offer enough weight to get proper momentum.

    The stock 51 is 3.3 oz
    My ti mod is 4.3 oz (pretty close to a 42)
    Depending on the skeletonization pattern (i.e. how much material is removed) I would guess a steel one would be roughly 5.5 oz
    and brass roughly 6.1 oz

    (the last two are educated guess roughly based on the densities of the different materials and may not be accurate)

    Regardless, they will be heavier and I think the blade to handle weight distribution would be off. While a little handle bias is good imo, too much can throw off the ideal flippability of a knife.

    The weights I guessed for the steel and brass are not necessarily bad weights for bali, but considering how little the blade percentage of the weight is I personally wouldn't go that route. You can do whatever you want, I'm just sayin.

    In regards to using thinner scales...I don't think you'd want the handles to be much thinner if that's what you're alluding to there. Not sure what you mean about lighter material underneath; you mean instead of the stock ti liners? Then you would lose the sweet spring latch tech. If you mean 3 layers, ti liners, another layer (g-10 or something), then steel or brass. I think each layer would end up being too thin and that seems like more trouble than it's worth...but I dunno, maybe it'd work. *shrugs*

    haha. I think you're onto something. :bwah:
  6. nostimos

    nostimos JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    I believe you're right and I considered this, but I'm much more of a collector than a flipper, and prefer a heavier bali in general.
    I was initially put off by the lightness of the 51.
    Even though it's quality, it felt "toyish" with it being so light.

    Mine will have an even lighter blade because I had it modded into a bowie by ultrahesh.
    But was going for a specific look as oppose to a performer.

    IIRC McAhron mentioned a while back possibly offering a thicker custom blade mod for the 51 since it's so thin.
    I thought if the handle on my project comes out "TOO" nice / custom looking, and doesn't go with the thin blade, I'd probably send it to him again for a custom thicker deep hollow ground blade, and salvage the original modded blade for another 51 project down the road.

    Don't ya just love the possibilities!:jdwink2::manganr:

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