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Blade thanks!

M.Olexey Jun 3, 2013

  1. M.Olexey

    M.Olexey capo of the Texas knifemaking mafia Brigade Member

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table this weekend. JerzeeDevil members have always stopped by every time I do the show and I always appreciate the support. Not just from guys that buy a knife. I love it when anyone stops by just to handle the knives and say hi. That's why I do the show....I can sell every knife right here from Texas w/o the 14 hr drive. The coolest thing is being able to talk face to face with people that have seen my stuff online and to hear their feedback when they handle the knives. I can't express enough how much I appreciate it.

    As usual the makers and other exhibitors were also great to see. Saw many friends and met some great new ones. Way too many names to name because I know I'd miss someone and I'd hate to do that. Man the group right around us was awesome....we were all smashed in there behind the tables where surprisingly, they don't leave a lot of lounging room but it was a Hell of a lot of fun hanging out with my buddy Will Z, Ram Maramba, Gary Chellette (new maker, keep an eye on him) Jeremy Horton, Les George and my personal nutrition adviser...Ken Brock. Finally got to meet my buddy Bill Coye face to face and he is as awesome in person as he has been on the phone for the past 3 yrs. Always great to see J. McNees, John Barker and the Jones Brothers (Barry and Phillip). Met Will Wellington (UpArmored Knives) and his wife....poor folks had to stare at my mug all weekend from across the aisle....good people, realy enjoyed talking to them.....man I know I'm forgetting someone. Man there were a bunch of great makers I got to meet for the first time and I had a great time talking knives and knife making with them.

    Special thanks to Jacquie Stewart of Bark River Knives for stopping by and introducing herself. Really cool meeting you.

    Always great to see to Martin Brothers...most that know them don't need me to tell you that they are two of the nicest guys in the business. Poor guys both had lost their voices by Sat. afternoon from talking to the thousands of people that stopped by their booth. Of course as I've mentioned on their forum...thanks again to Newt for the awesome gift. That's something I'll never forget my friend.

    One thing I was really happy to see was the huge crowd that showed up this year. Great to see that this business so many of us love is still generating so much interest. From talking to guys that have done the show for 10 + years, it seems this was one of the best shows yet.

    Looking forward to 2014!

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  2. kayakjax

    kayakjax Deep & Wide Brigade Member

    I've made it a goal to finally go next year so I can meet you (and some of the other makers I know from JD) and buy one of those beasts of yours.
  3. M.Olexey

    M.Olexey capo of the Texas knifemaking mafia Brigade Member

    Do it man!

    You won't be sorry :knifey:
    GEEZER likes this.
  4. redleg155

    redleg155 Huge member

    Likewise - great meeting you and your family, Martin. Can't really put into words the warm welcome you had for my son there too - thank you.

    Glad to hear you had a safe trip home and keep up the good work - both with steel and your household.

    Kind regards - Todd
  5. M.Olexey

    M.Olexey capo of the Texas knifemaking mafia Brigade Member

    Great meeting you and your son, Todd. Thanks for the support sir.

    My daughter loves the paracord bracelet your son made.

    See you next year.
  6. JacquieStewart

    JacquieStewart Untouchable Lady Devil

    It was great to meet you and see your knives in person!

    Which Grind-In were you going to make it to? :ross:

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 6, 2013
  7. M.Olexey

    M.Olexey capo of the Texas knifemaking mafia Brigade Member

    I really want to work in the JD Grind In in Sept. A grind in is one of the things I am committed to making soon. The JD one would be optimal. Hopefully in the next two weeks I'll know enough to say for sure if I can make it happen.
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    JMCNEES knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Great to see you M.O. Those were some badass blades on your table!
    I sported my shirt today :thumbsup: My son snagged the other one, he says thanks!
  9. M.Olexey

    M.Olexey capo of the Texas knifemaking mafia Brigade Member

    Thanks! Good seeing you too buddy. The daughter loves the pink t-shirt!

    Thanks for posting the pic Jacquie!

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