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Blade show knives

stephanfowler Mar 11, 2009

  1. stephanfowler

    stephanfowler knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    and HERE are the last three

    first up, a nice Springer Mountain for your camping enjoyment

    Springer Mountain
    8" 1095 Blade w/ Hamon
    12 1/2" OA with Carmel Micarta Scales,
    Drilled and Tapered tang for a lively balance, chopper handle style.


    Secondly a Nifty fighter design I've been sketching for a while and decided to do it up

    Stag Fighter
    9 1/2" 1084 Recurve Blade.
    14 1/2" OA, SS Double guard, Buttcap and fileworked spacer, with stacked colored spacers.


    and finally,

    the piece de resistance

    I've been fooling with this one for a LONG while, damn things are complicated but I hunkered down and finished it finally

    Classic Japanese Tanto
    9 1/4" W1 Shobu Zukuri Blade
    5" Poplar core handle with browned and antiqued Same and Black silk Wrap.
    Copper Habaki and SS Seppa made by me,
    Wave themed Fuchi / Kashira from Shadow of Leaves.

  2. Stabber

    Stabber Stabber's Steel Connection Knife Maker or Craftsman

    :devilzeekAwesome knives Stephan!!
  3. Derespina Knives

    Derespina Knives karambit maker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I'm loving that one! really nicely done....

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