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Best & Worst (A 2014 re-cap thread)

Mr.LaBella Jan 4, 2015

  1. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

    Best- got a new pickup truck!
    Worst- got so sick (at one point) that I had to call out of work. First day missed in almost 10 years!
  2. Ronin0821

    Ronin0821 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Sorry for the sick part but the truck man that's a A+ fucking sweet. Great color looks evil and HEMI got to love it. Remember when I had mine. Miss it so much:cry: But you bought the newer version it is so sweet definetly a plus for 2014. I was staring at that the whole time I went out for a smoke. I remember screaming them tires in that bad boy when I had a few years older version. Great choice tho can't go wrong. Except in the snow it's really light but a few sand bags take care of that.
  3. tubtar

    tubtar high caliber consecrator Moderator Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Best may well be that weekend in September........starting here in St. Paul and winding down in the same place after 700 miles of driving , much knife making and more laughs than a person who isn't clinically insane should be having.
    This year's grind in was a pure hoot.

    Worst ?
    Really ?
    Do we need to be laying king sized bummers on everyone like this ?
    You fucking asked for it.
    Watching my 33 year old niece , who had been cancer free for 15 years relapse and waste away.
    She isn't dead yet , but I am this fucking close to praying that she goes.........and purely for selfish reasons I think.
    Because I can't stand not being able to attack a fucking problem , but my hands are tied here.
    And seeing her ( which we do often ) rips my Goddamned guts out.
    This ain't no fucking pity party......I know many of you have issues every bit as large , and my thoughts and prayers go with each of you too.
    Fuck , I might be lucky in this regard.
    Proving once again just how tough this world can be sometimes.
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  4. RazorSharp

    RazorSharp RZRSHRPDVL Brigade Member

    Best, hmmmm well also got a new truck, but another year with my new wife VS my ex wife outdoes that x100.

    Worst, had to fire the landscape company I hired to do my yard, turned out to be a total joke ended up being out $5400 on that deal that I'll never see again, but Timmay's ban being lifted outdoes that x100.
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  5. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    Worst learning to live without Scott going on three years. Still feel the pain.
    Best knowing that I can help others facing family loss.
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  6. Guillermo

    Guillermo 7th Man of the 7th son Super Moderator

    Well scoring a JD knife by RJ has to be the highlight of my year. I don't look at folders the same way now and I've set my standards a good bit higher now. A close second is that I'm finally exercising again and feel so much better. I make 20-30 minutes a day every day and have for a few months. I look like a butterball from too many years of being lazy.

    My fathers older brother passed a few months ago and I feel bad that I didn't get out to see him one last time. He had a long and full life and the end was fairly fast for him. Can't say that there's ever a good way to die but my father was at peace with it. And I've been sick since before Christmas but it's finally going away I think. Could have probably beaten it with a few days rest but I just can't get them. I missed work one day because I lost my voice and coughed so much the night before I couldn't stand up straight from pulled muscles.
  7. Toni

    Toni JD Jeenius Lady Devil

    Best - Joining JD, love being here! :thumbsup:

    Worst - Having my ex-husband die one month before our grandson was born. He was such a good, loving father I know he would have doted on and enjoyed having a grandson and he never got the chance.
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  8. Clydetz

    Clydetz Forever straight and true Brigade Member

    Best for 2014: Still going strong with the woman I met on Match.com in 2012. :manganr:

    Worst for 2014: Too many days feeling sick & not knowing what was the cause. :unintroduced:
  9. Glenn

    Glenn Sol Invictus Knife Maker or Craftsman

    2014 best of, Still breathing air while chasing an anomaly in one of my Cancer scans. The launching my Shop and placing these old hands back to work being creative, crafting functional works of art from rough billets of metal for myself and the World to share. :devilwag:

    Worst of, finding out my wife's illness has shown it's face again and will be due for surgery, and soon. I will update the thread I started about this.
  10. PS-RagE

    PS-RagE "R" for Adventure JDBA Official Member Brigade Member


    Best? Must have been the new bike last spring. Of course, seeing the old one get rebuilt and brought back to life was almost as good! :thumbsup:

    Worst I guess was coming to the realization that even after a year of rehab, my knees are shot and my days of running are over. Blowing the engine on my sled sucked too.
  11. kayakjax

    kayakjax Deep & Wide Brigade Member

    I had a pretty good year.

    I discovered two new "favorite bands" (Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band and Davina & the Vagabonds) at the WC Handy Blues & Barbecue Festival last June.

    I took my dog Lucy to the Grind-In last September and we both had a blast. I got to see many good old friends and got to meet some new good friends. Lucy discovered that knife people are pretty much dog people too, and was loving all the attention she was getting, and I still haven't totally wiped the grin off my face from all the kindnesses shown us.

    I got the opportunity to get my very own RJ Martin Devilstator Jerzee Devil Forum knife. Pre Jerzee Devil, I would have never guessed that I'd pay twenty times as much for a knife and think I got a good deal.

    Upon returning to Florida for the winter, I was given the opportunity to buy the place I'd rented last year. It's not fancy, but in five years it'll be all mine. And it's 12 miles to Sebring International Speedway, with some of the best road racing in the world.

    I got the opportunity to spend time this winter with good friends Roy and Judy Kelleher, who I met through the Mighty JD.

    As a matter of fact, many of my "best" times of the last year have been because of Jerzee Devil.

    It's hard to describe how much the boss and this forum have improved my life without sounding like a brown-nosing suckup, so I'll just leave it there.

    While I have some family and friends going through rough patches, and I've lost some friends this year, a "worst" for myself doesn't really spring to mind.

    For someone who's always kinda been a semi-depressed shit-magnet, that's pretty cool stuff indeed.
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  12. Ryanol

    Ryanol SnarkMasterFunkyFresh JDBA Official Member

    Best - seeing my two yr old daughter blossom into a honest to goodness human being and having semi coherent conversations with her.

    Worst- watching my grandma labor to breath in the icu the night before she passed away.

  13. TacoMan5000

    TacoMan5000 TacoDevilMan

    It does not feel like it has been that long. Next time I am tossing back drinks, I will raise one for him. Miss that guy.

    Best: Finally getting my shit together and getting my A.A.
    Worst: Not sure. Started getting sick more and more often again, with no discernible cause, I suppose.
  14. norcal13

    norcal13 rated "e" for evil Brigade Member

    best: being with my wife and kids in the woods
    worst: burying friends
  15. stdlrf11

    stdlrf11 A Most Impressive Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I can't come up with a best or worst.

    I've had a lot of good things, but nothing great.
    We started homeschooling the boy. That's been a fantastic stress relief for all of us.
    I've had some good rides, and I'm building a new bike for more adventures.
    I got two raises last year. That helped.

    Bad? Nothing too bad.
    I had to drop a lot of money on her car.
    Said some things to someone I can't take back.

    I have to say, 2014 wasn't too shabby.
  16. littlejoey

    littlejoey High on a Mountain Top Brigade Member

    Best - moving to Colorado, rediscovering my passion and love for the mountains, and scoring a Devilstator!

    Worst - Leaving my closest friends in Michigan.
  17. Fenlore

    Fenlore I am Spartacus! Brigade Member

    Best: have to agree with John, it was a rather spectacular Grind in.
    Worst: the sheer amount I was sick last year... not a lot of fun.
  18. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Yep. Grind-In tops my list for 2014! Summa you mofos are really kinda nice people!:madaddy: I really HOPE I can continue this trend in 2015!

    Getting one of the RJ Martin Devilstators ranks WAYYYY up there too! :thumbsup:

    The worst? Some changes going on at work that I'm not too thrilled about....

    And that Escanabola that I contracted at Grind-In, the ONLY low point of that trip!

    Plus, I had a lot of car trouble in 2014. Maybe I oughta think about a new ride, butt* I've got this thing about knives....:ropeman:
  19. Gecko

    Gecko The Hessian Brigade Member

    What is a "Grind-in"?:ropeman::bwah:

    Good: This and that I'm cancer free since last winter.
    Bad: Michigan is effing far away...sure could not make that trip on a regular basic.
    Ok, some might say that is good...:bwah:

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 5, 2015
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  20. orellabac

    orellabac The Devils Gunner Brigade Member

    best-I'm still the vice-president of this forum
    worse-no raise in pay this year from this business

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