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Best Ar for the money

Rio Feb 2, 2021

  1. Rio

    Rio Como un angel JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman Brigade Member

    Hi guys! , I shot a few AR’ and I love them, now is time to buy one and frankly I don’t want to go nuts on the purchase, there is a few other things I like to get so my first one is for range and home defense which you never know but where I live is quiet as fok, what say you is the best AR for the buck out there in your experience.I thank you all ahead.
  2. Scott Meers

    Scott Meers Little Member

    Some of my favorites are BCM, Aero Precision, and Midwest Industries. Higher $, Daniel Defense. Value for the dollar, hard to beat the S&W Sport II and then build it out for your needs.
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  3. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Bali Demon JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    For home defense, I’d say get something short and maneuverable. Though I wouldn’t recommend clearing a house. With that said a Carbine is your best bet. Not knowing what the status of AR Pistols are going to be, I’m not sure I can recommend one these days. A Tavor has a full sized barrel in a bullpup configuration which is shorter than most AR Pistols.

    Mine are direct impingement but my buddy has a piston driven mechanism. Something to consider when you’re choosing. He has a POF which is quite accurate.

    I have only shot my AR out to 100 yards, in 6.5 Grendel, 5.56 mm and 308.

    You should consider what caliber works for your desires.

    Tough part is finding ammunition to feed them, right now.
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  4. Rio

    Rio Como un angel JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman Brigade Member

    This too shall pass , covid and all the other bs , I looked at some places and prices are through the roof so I have plenty of riffles and I will wait until things calm down. Thank you all for your advise, very helpful.
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  5. Elartedematar

    Elartedematar Tiny Member

    During normal times, I've found the best bang for the buck imo is the FN SRP
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  6. Blademan101

    Blademan101 Huge member

    I built my own. This way I make it the way I like them. I just finished a build this weekend for my son, turned out great. The stripped lower is the only part you need to get shipped to an FFL. After that I have all the components shipped directly to my house. You would still need to put optics on it , if you want. But I found building them cost less, and there is no eating for one to come into stock. Good luck , and stay safe. Peace.
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  7. Atractaspis

    Atractaspis Average member

    I know this thread is kinda old but I just returned from a prolonged absence and therefore just found it. Anyhow, personally, I really like MEGA and NOVESKE lowers and components. I also like Bushmaster lowers but just because of the snake design on the lower (I have a thing for snakes). I also customize and prefer piston to direct impingement (almost never have to clean the chamber, bolt, etc.) on a piston-operated AR (they have one at my local gun shop that has over 100k rounds through it, has never been cleaned and looks almost new inside).
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