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Benchmade Axis Folding Knife 710-1401, 3.9 in. M390 Stainless Blade

KNIFEWORKS Sep 3, 2015


    KNIFEWORKS Knifeworks Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Benchmade Axis Folding Knife 710-1401, 3.9 in. M390 Stainless Blade, Plain Edge

    Suggested Retail: $245.00 Our Price: $179.95 You Save: $65.05

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    Knifeworks Exclusive



    This is the first sculptured Benchmade 710 production model that has been made.

    The model 710 was designed by custom knife makers Bill McHenry and Jason Williams which also introduced the AXIS mechanism to the knife world. The BM710-1401 features M-390 Steel with Black/Blue G10 Sculpture handles and all silver hardware.The colors will vary due to the 2 colors of the G-10 handle. Another amazing feature this knife offers is the polished arrow clip.

    Blade Length: 3.9 in
    Overall Length: 8.8 in.
    Closed Length: 4.9 in.Blade
    Thickness: 0.12 in.
    Blade Material: M-390 Steel (60-62HRC)
    Weight: 4.5 oz.
    Lock Mechanism: Axis Lock
    Clip: Polished arrow

    Blue/Black G10 Sculpture handle scales with blue barrel back spacers and all silver hardware

    NOTE: Due to the layering of the 2 colors of G10 and when ran through the machine, each knife may be slightly different in color on the handle. One may have a little more blue or one may have a little more black in the handle. We will not be able to go through our inventory and pick out preferred handles.
    This is an unlimited run and will not be serialized

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