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Benchmade 4X Series Bali-Song's...41, 42, 43 & 46MC **JD Pricing** -=All Sold=-

thegoodedge Sep 25, 2019

  1. thegoodedge

    thegoodedge Pacific Edge Cutlery JDBA Official Member

    The listed prices are for JD members in good standing--$25 discount from my site and free shipping!!
    All prices are net to me and include insured shipping in the US/50
    Additional pictures and info available on request

    BM41SS Limited Edition NIB--SOLD
    BM41SS LE 2.JPG

    BM42SS Prototype--SOLD
    New W/Not original box
    BM42SS Proto 1.JPG

    BM42S Spring Latch--SOLD
    New knife only, no box/sheath
    BM42S SL 1.JPG

    BM46MC Spring Latch NIB--SOLD
    BM46MC LE 2.JPG

    BM42 Spring Latch NIB--SOLD
    BM42 SL.JPG

    BM43 Spring Latch NIB--SOLD
    BM43 1.JPG
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  2. HedaCoon

    HedaCoon *is not a coon Lady Devil JDBA Official Member

    ill take the 43 spring latch
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