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Benchmade 42 balance/bias

Mechanic Feb 1, 2018

  1. Mechanic

    Mechanic Tiny Member

    Can somebody tell me how balaced are the 42 springers, do they have a handle bias or are they compleatly balanced ?
  2. gunlove

    gunlove Average member

    They are well balanced flippers. They favor the handles slightly like a AB does. The T-latches were know to be slightly better flippers. They are a little more neutral but mainly the handle contour is less flat and a bit more comfortable to flip and twirl. Both are great flippers.
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  3. Dustygmt

    Dustygmt Tiger Snot Expert JDBA Official Member

    Love the aesthetics but kind of a meh flipper. Good for very fast, intricate finger work but not very good at carrying momentum, imho. I love them tho...
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  4. laughingbuddha

    laughingbuddha JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Pretty much known as a neutral flipper.

    Doesn't have anywhere near the amount of handle bias or swing that an AB would, so it doesn't carry momentum as well.

    Being neutral has it's pro's and con's. Generally speaking they tend to be a faster knife. Easier to change direction, ricochet etc with twirling... but doesn't carry momentum as well for rollover type tricks such as bt8b, helix, cherry picker etc. Not that it's bad for them... Just easier with more junk in the trunk.

    Any decent knife will always be handle bias. Less weight at the rear end of the handle makes it more neutral... not enough weight in the handle makes it blade heavy. Blade heavy is for poop!.. unless you just like to fan and transfer.
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