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begreen61 A+++++

elusiveweasle Mar 6, 2010

  1. Organ Grinder

    Organ Grinder Little Member

    At this stage , who would doubt the prowess of begreen? Lightning fast shipping and all expectations met. Thanks, friend.
  2. Moe1

    Moe1 Little member

    Just traded with Gary early this week and couldn't ask for a smoother transaction! Perfect all the way around!
  3. Sharpazzhell

    Sharpazzhell Average Member

    Thank you they came today but I wasn't able to get the package but I went to the Post Office and I got it. Everything goes smooth with Ben be green . Thank you so much. He is also very good with working out the ills and working with people and he actually cares just like JD.he cares very much about customerS, buyer or seller. You can trust the sky so much I would have no problem if you don't have the cash anyone to the knife I would just send it to him directly and I say pay me when you get the chance to that's how much I trust him as a fellow devil. And when I do get the money I will definitely just like I do with all my buyers I tip them off 1st if I'm selling something or I go to them if they're selling something 1st before I go to the rest
  4. Sharpazzhell

    Sharpazzhell Average Member

    This knife has no blade play anything on it perfect looks beautiful serial numbered even my dad liked it and human my wife looked at it and my son went to go grab it I said no not yet way to your older. Although it's my knife I consider it to be on as part of everyone on JD cause it's JD,Desmond, be green. (Makes sense in my mind so if your confused by it disregard). Now I sent Mr. Be green a gift Although I didn't the did not have to and by the way I do that anyway regardless if that someone sends something for free. Like someone ask me if I had actual parts saw give it to them. The gift I gave him one was obviously an automatic that's very good but it's not a in type expensive like his daltons.type its off more of it inexpensive type that will work won't fail and anoy gift that is very personal to me that I would never sell or give anyone. Even my wife was very suprised I did that. Did it bc of the principle of sedimentary value.And if you notice my last sell thread how cheap that I sell that 51 flytanium I put insurance on it and everything you know why because of be green. Also You guys aren't the only people I'd say something about rambling or novels. family everyone else says you write novels you ramble on you need to get directly to the point and I'm gonna try to work on that period thank you Bang Ben Ben be green hook hook up 101 G. Peace devil
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