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Basilisk Spacer Options

Joker188 Sep 13, 2018

  1. Joker188

    Joker188 Little Member

    Greetings Devils,

    I'd like to inquire regarding spacer replacement options for the Ti Basilisk R. In my novice experience I've found the AB to have a more neutral blade handle bias compared to the Ti Bas R. The Hom seems to be more handle heavy. The balance point on the AB is at the chevrons which is closer to the pivots than the Hom balance point. The first trick this seemed to affect is a simple fan. It's easy to twist the handle and get about 4 rotations from the AB but the Hom seems to work against itself. However when when trying to sustain a (fancy?) fan the Hom can keep going unlike the AB.

    I've seen G10 spacers for the Bas R in orange and black as well as possibly rare barrel spacers. I've seen the barrel spacers once and haven't found them again online.

    It's clear that different weight biases will favor different tricks but I'd like for find out what y'all know about the topic and sources especially for the barrel spacers.

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  2. subtlemovement

    subtlemovement JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    The stock Bas-R *IS* handle heavy. Those SS spacers are beastly. If you're looking for more rotations on a single-push fan, I would recommend G10 or CF spacers. I have CF spacers from hammerdesigns, and they're awesome. And he's awesome. Follow him on IG if you don't already. :D
  3. desmodus

    desmodus Arc Sodium Administrator Lady Devil JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Kuski made those barrels. His list opens occasionally when he does batches of them. He is also on instagram as @kuski_craft
  4. Joker188

    Joker188 Little Member

    Thank you.
  5. stonproject

    stonproject Little member

    There was also a gentleman on etsy doing g10 basilisk spacers. 45acpmike, and hammer designs on instagram also make spacers.
  6. bradenwright

    bradenwright Little member

    @Joker188 fwiw, I always loved the Bas but thought the weight was a little weird too. I've done a little experimenting with spacers from hammerdesigns (IG) I weighed individual spacers (so 2x for weight of knife) and

    Stock Standard Length SS: 6.9g
    Full Length Ti: 5.8g
    Standard Length Ti: 3.7g
    Full Length Carbon Ffiber: 2.3g

    I haven't tried the Standard Length Ti b/c I just got those and the Full Length Ti... so far I'm really digging the Full Length Ti, CF was a little too light for me, and SS are too heavy. I prefer use a paracord latch, but I have a feeling weight wise I'm gonna like Full Ti more than Standard Ti and probably stick with them.

    Full Length Ti Spacers are great on the Specter too, again Standard SS was too heavy and Standard Ti were too light.

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