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likes2watch Jan 10, 2020

  1. likes2watch

    likes2watch Average member

    I've been collecting Barry Wood folders ever since I got my first one in 1980. Curently have over 120 of them. The one that always eluded me was one made by Barry in collaboration with Bob Loveless. In 1973 the two made 36 folders before their collaboration dissolved. The blades were ground by Steve Johnson (he worked for Loveless) and scales/frame and build was done by Barry.
    I've only handled one, a few years ago at a knife show and I've only seen two others for sale online in all this time. Needless to say, it has been my "Holy Grail" of knives for a long, long time.
    At the Blade Show last June, a dealer I know told me of someone that owns one but wanted to sell. I made an offer and the other day the dealer emailed me and said the seller accepted my offer.
    It arrived last week. My quest is complete...

    And here's a GREAT pic by a real photographer...
  2. woodlander

    woodlander Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Incredible workmanship and design. It is unlikely I will ever own one, but I appreciate the chance to look at it. Thanks for posting.
    likes2watch likes this.
  3. Jeremy445

    Jeremy445 Little member

    That’s Incredible. Thanks for posting.

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