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Bali Price Guide?

Andy T Jul 6, 2014

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  1. deadpool

    deadpool merc with the mouth

    I admit, this is a tough one to answer.
  2. Looseyfur

    Looseyfur OG Flipper JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I dont have to guess when someones a devil or a friend, and certainly not when they are both. thats my "cutoff", go figure yours out.
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  3. truepaganini

    truepaganini JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    While good intentioned, this seems like something that could descend into witch hunts and mob rule... The market is a near perfect system of recourse allocation for non-essential items. Whomever wants it the most will pay the most, price gouging actually just more accurately allocates goods to the consumer who most wants them. And if the price is so high that it's unreasonable, nobody will buy it. Supply and demand 101. Now if you want to give out deals to fellow devils, that's great! Unreasonable prices are bad etiquette in my book, and I stay away from sellers who engage in it. People are free to indulge these sellers or simply walk away, nobody is ever forced into a transaction.

    Now while people are obviously upset over high prices, I'm sorry, but that's the way collectibles work. Scarcity + Demand = Higher prices. Collectible knives are a bad sector to get into if you want reasonable prices. Hell, nobody is forcing anyone to buy a $500 42, go buy a replicant, 51, AB, or T2. If people are willing to spend $1500 on a tempest, then that's what it's worth. It may be absurd, but that's just simple economics. You're buying the premium of the cream of the crop, and a high price tag is to be expected.

    Now what will this list do, and how would it be implemented? If it's just a collection of prices an item has sold for, what will that even do? It won't do anything to bring down prices unless people cherry pick the lowest ones and use that as leverage on sellers to conform to the outliers. I just see this as a tool for people who don't want to pay market prices on collectible items.

    I also don't see the necessity for spoon feeding information to the uninformed. If someone doesn't have the individual initiative to find out what a fair price is, I'm failing to see the supposed collective responsibility for us to give it to them. There have been times where I had no idea the market value for a balisong, and helpful members such as Glenn have been more than happy to answer my questions. The stupid question amnesty thread and viewing past sales threads make this information even more available to the "masses", and again, I fail to see the responsibility to give information to ignorant noobs too lazy to do research for themselves.

    I see this trend of "anti gouging" as a semi-justified reaction to inevitable rising prices of scarce luxury goods. I don't blame anyone for getting frustrated when they want a 42 but don't have the $400 to buy one, I really don't. but creating a list won't solve the problem, it'll only create more tension between sellers and buyers, and MAYBE educate a few people too lazy to find prices themselves.
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  4. Ryanol

    Ryanol SnarkMasterFunkyFresh JDBA Official Member


    Agreed for the most part.

    But when I hear about folks essentially prowling the forum and using it as a free tool to chickenhawk deals - that's where the moral compass in me wants to see a "fair fight". In this scenario information would be said weapon.
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  5. Arrowinferno

    Arrowinferno Little member


    I think it would be useful to have a list of all the popular or commonly traded balisongs or even rare balisongs, then people post prices they bought or sold at, and someone can keep an eye on the thread and update it...

    People do this online alot in other communities... Its called a Market Watch
  6. Beelzebubbles

    Beelzebubbles JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    This idea is preposterous! now where is my 2014 coin book? oh yeah, its over there next to my 2014 gun price book.... yeah, this idea is preposterous.

    while pricing customs would be a huge nightmare, putting values on production knives based on rarity, desirability, condition, etc would be completely plausible. but if the goal is to do away with noob children overpaying for knives and artificially inflating the price of production knives, lets just save our breath and let capitalism level itself out.
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  7. jjhamilton

    jjhamilton JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    There is a fine line here....and I'm afraid I'm not willing to cross over it. Though nothing is more annoying than outrageous pricing (outrageous, being of opinion.) trying to "govern" pricing is akin to what tyrannical law is about.

    A seller is just that, the seller. The price is just that, the price. If it's your friend, then maybe you get a break. You choose to buy, or you choose not to buy. Simple, effective, freedom.....

    Remember the ones whom "helped" you out, remember those that didn't...payback in kind..

    I Love the July 4, reminds me of what it's all about....

    Peace Out!!

    VANELLI JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    The only reason to put up a price guide is for noobs with $600 in their pocket willing to dump as fast as they can on anything.

    Let them call the sellers gougers, and tell them that their knife is only worth $350. Then we don't have to.

    There are people freaking out right now, for AB 2.0, and 47's, like they need one to stop the zombie apocalypse.

    I rely on what I think I'm willing to pay, and from time to time the PM's of friends I've made here.

    And personally, I'll pay more to do a deal with someone who's real, not trying to soak up every available bali as fast a possible, just to spit them back out at inflated prices.

    edit: Just bought another Bear N Sons 114 clip point to replace the last one I broke. $39.00 after tax out of state,,,,,,, and I love it.
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  9. Mikey66

    Mikey66 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Loosyfur, Coconutfilipino, Truepaganini, Glenn and more than a few other folks who are true Bali Brothers, you were the guys that I would consider selling some of my grails to, if I ever decide to. You would probably be shocked at the price. First of all, I'm not I am only interested in getting my money back, or perhaps a trade for something I don't have. I have found almost everything I want, so I am now just buying new knives. I will not pay those ridiculous prices because I simply have no desire for those knives. Second thing is I take very careful note of those who abuse our system or who are simply profiteers. I would not think of selling anything to you guys. I would sell my Walter Brend custom (for which I have been offered in excess of $2500), for the $900 I paid for it, to the people I mentioned rather then say the following type of person: you are aware that a knife is been sold for perhaps too good a price but still the deal is been done. You try to swoop in and offer significantly more money for that knife. You thereby cause or try to cause the deal to be broken. Or, you take a knife and ask for it to be held for a few days so that you could raise the money, and then back out, in the meantime that coveted knife is on hold. In other words, you break deals or cause deals to be broken. You do this for selfish reasons. You might be the first to say "I'll take it," but you will be the last to get it from me.
  10. Coconutfilipino

    Coconutfilipino JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    I know who my friends are, and
    I feel I am starting to get an idea of who 'devils' are IMO. And as I stated, to me it is someone who is here and active. But-I was simply wondering how others viewed the term 'devil'. For me it is their activity and presence here. How do you or others determine if someone is a 'devil'. Meaning What/where IS that line?

    -Simply Registering at a free site doesn't make you a devil in my eyes.
    -Donating/ buying gear is a good start, but, technically, I think you CAN be a devil- but not have done those things. (Like a college student or anyone that is cash tight.)
    -does it carry elsewhere? For example, if something is listed elsewhere, and someone sends a message saying I am so and so, then should a 'devil' discount apply?or is there an implication then that listing it elsewhere that a discount doesnt apply?

    I am not trying to stir the pot, I simply am curious what views are on WHO a devil is, and what a general protocol is. For friends, I'd always try to give my absolute best price, for a devil I would try to get as close to that as possible (and cover myself for fees and shipping/insurance), so when I post some for sale, I have an idea of what or how others determine in their opinion what a devil is?
    -post count helps,
    -and rep helps, but neither are necessarily the end all answer.

    ..so how do you all determine who a devil is?
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  11. Ryanol

    Ryanol SnarkMasterFunkyFresh JDBA Official Member

    do you know their first name, do you know their kids or pets name?

    Just a few simple filters. You have to make your own - that's the fun.
  12. Glenn

    Glenn Sol Invictus Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Oh yes you are. :devilfinger:

  13. Ronin0821

    Ronin0821 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    I think all these guys posting in voodoo after introduction and talking in the thread. Then you here nothing from them. If you would of seen the thread this morning 4 guys with 10 posts going back and fourth in a sales thread. Then boom it's sold and their gone. I feel those are a definite no devil but I also think that shouldn't be aloud. If you joining be apart of this place not just to sell and make money.

    I came because I couldn't believe a knife world like this existed and it's the best place to be. As you see I am on all day at work at home in the car anywheres. Always seeing what's going on. I am start not being able to stand these people here just selling and buying and gone. It wasn't like this even when I joined. There wasn't that many people like that. Even with a bad rep you can still be a devil here just have to try. I just hate the people that use this sight as a store. You should have to buy some JD gear after signing up in my eyes.
  14. Coconutfilipino

    Coconutfilipino JDBA4L JDBA Official Member


    Deadpool- that is and was very cool of you.

    Loosey-that was very cool of you also.

    Mikey66- thank you for that, I feel the same way to you and a couple others here,.. as you well know.
  15. jjhamilton

    jjhamilton JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    What about me assholes!!!:devilfinger::ross:

    Hey anyone take payments!!!:bwah:
  16. Coconutfilipino

    Coconutfilipino JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Stir the pot...

    The JDBA number in the Sig line was no accident, it was CHOSEN...so if I am stirring the pot, then it isn't sitting where the flame hits it right, or someone packed it too tight.....:madaddy:

    Ryanol- great point. That actually helps me a good deal. Thanks.

    Edit: JJ you weren't mentioned, but you were assumed and simply unnamed.(I don't have any scarf comment that fits here, sorry.)
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  17. gfckyrslf

    gfckyrslf JDBA4L JDBA Official Member


    Holy shit I think you guys are over complicating this.
    Stop thinking so hard before you set your hat on fire.
    It's all personal judgment calls, same as friends in the RL.
    If you're active enough it's pretty easy to tell, through someone else's activity, what they're doing here and whether they're as you would put it "a real devil"
    Think for yourself and don't just take others word for it.
    Just my .02
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  18. tx101

    tx101 Stuck in the middle with you JDBA Official Member

    Bali Price Guide ... another thread waiting to implode :devilwag::devilwag::devilwag:
  19. XxGRYMMxX

    XxGRYMMxX The Crayola Kid JDBA Official Member

    How about a High/Low type of guide where we can keep track of the highest and lowest prices paid. From there you could generalize the "average" price for each item. Just an idea (and probably a bad one since this isnt my area of expertise).
  20. Andy T

    Andy T Gentle Giant JDBA Official Member


    Great post!:bwah:

    Actually it's a pretty good idea to tell the truth.:thumbsup:

    Again- broken record- this isn't to meant to be a "you must sell for this price" list. That's not what it is. If anyone else tries to make it that I will go 100% Tron on your ass- I will get in my computer, I will get on my damn blue-glowing-ass bike and I will show up at your IP addy ready rain blue frisbees on your bitch-ass until you see the light!

    Kidding....but I'll do it...jk...seriously though.

    I know I have had to call another Devil or send pm on MULTIPLE occasions to ask them if a price was "fair". There were times when I didn't need to call and I knew I was paying on the high end, but the key is: wait for it- I KNEW I WAS PAYING HIGH.

    I have tried to be educated but there are SOOOO many Balis out there someone 2yrs in- read me- doesn't have the time in to know all of it, think of someone just joining..how are they going to know?

    Why is it such a secret what the current market value of a Bali is?:unintroduced:
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