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Bad Road Trips/Driving Experiences

Chisel Feb 13, 2007

  1. Chisel

    Chisel off the hook

    So this Sunday we were coming home from Jacksonville Florida from a wedding. I had staid up 'till 4 in the morning drinking and was a little tired driving home. about halfway through SC, I just couldn't hold my eyes open anymore so my wife started driving. I had been asleep for about 20 minutes when this god awful racket woke me up. It sounded like we had blown a tire, but the car wasn't shaking, then all of the sudden the noise stopped. Well, we pulled over on the side of 95, which is a fucking-A great place to be at night, and I got out to see what the hell happened. I walk around to the back tire on the drivers side and there's all these black marks around the wheel well, on the door, etc.. Not to mention all these dings, and dents, where the paint had been chipped off. Well, I look down at the tire and I see a hook off a rubber bungee strap sticking outta the tire. Apparently the goddamn thing had been laying just perfect in the road so that when she ran over it at 75 it stuck in the tire and beat the shit outta the car before it broke off.

    This woulda been a bigger pain in the ass than it was, but being a veteran of road mishaps I don't go on trips anymore without a tire plug kit, and my battery jump pack/air compressor. So I didn't have to change the tire, I just plugged it and put some air back in.

    Well, that's not the end of the story. We hadn't been back on the road 5 minutes when I see something that looks like a bird flying coming towards the car. Well, it won't a bird, it was a big fucking rock, which hit the windshield and cracked it.

    I know, I know, it coulda been alot worse, and the only thing that got hurt was the car, which can be fixed. However, I'm still pissed.

    Anybody else got any good road stories? Good, bad, otherwise?
  2. Matches

    Matches Airport Bum Brigade Member

    Not anywhere as interesting as yours, but my first trip through Hartford,CT in the 80's, I was doing about 70 mph on the interstate and began to notice the cars in front of me changing lanes. A dining room table was standing upright in the center lane...just missed getting killed. Another time a truck in front of me kicked up a 2x4 that was laying in the road. It seemed like it was headed right for my windshield, but it just flew over me...phew:ronl:
  3. bigmark408

    bigmark408 BANNED Fucktard

    may B U need Nu wipperblades.
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  4. ded i

    ded i Friend of The Devil Lady Devil

    I was on I-95 in between Baltimroe & Delaware - goin about 70 in the left lane and a pickup truck packed with household stuff hauling ass in the middle lane decides to pass the car in front of him - swings over in front of me and a fucking double bed mattress flies off the truck and I swerved and missed it, but the guy in back of me didn't make it. :ssad:
  5. xrayzebra

    xrayzebra whirling dervish

    One night I drove back to Baltimore from Ohio in a snow storm.

    I love driving in snow. The year I got my first car, a 68 Rambler Rebel, it snowed a few days later, and I was out there with my bald tires, having a blast.

    Ded i was with me, and she kept hinting that we should stop and find a hotel rather than continue on, but I was loving the snow. Coming through the mountains of West Virginia, we were on the freeway, with what looked like a foot of snow on the road, on no tire tracks at all ahead of us. It was very dark, and the snow was just a smooth blanket, and you couldn't really tell where the road and the berm were, except by the mile markers straddling it.

    The road was fairly straight, and I just kept the car pointed toward the middle of the markers, figuring the road had to be there, and kept going, about 50 mph.

    It was surreal. I don't really remember anything after that particular spot, where I came over a crest to see this perfect, unspoiled snow. I was concentrating on driving, not on remembering, but that one impression stuck with me.

    The trip was otherwise uneventful. We got home okay. I don't even remember if we got all the way home that night or stopped somewhere. I'll bet D has comments though. I think it traumatized her.

    Probably my best road trip was straight through from Columbus, Ohio to Lake Tahoe, Nevada in a flat 30 hours. It was spring of 1982, in a new Volvo station wagon with a cb radio and an Escort. I was wearing an airforce jumpsuit, and had hair down to my shirt pockets, a ZZ top beard, an Uzi under the back hatch with a quarter pound of weed, several thousand dollars in cash, and a couple grams of coke in my left chest pocket. If there'd been a cop with a stopwatch at both ends, they could have written me a ticket based on the elapsed time - it worked out to about 63 mph, even averaging in the times we were stopped. We were doing about 100 mph through most of Nebraska and Wyoming.

    I got busted in Nebraska, and the cop was very cool. It was about 2 or 3 AM, and I had slowed down to 95 cuz the radar detector went off a couple times, but there didn't seem to be anyone around. Finally he came up on me out of nowhere. He said, "You must be using an Escort, I could tell by your brake lights - that's the only radar detector that catches the radar when I'm a couple miles behind a car."

    He took me back to his car to write the ticket, me with the coke in my pocket, but we were both cool and collected. If he saw all the beer cans on the floor in the back, he wasn't saying anything. He explained how Vascar Plus works - that was how he got me - saying it might save me another ticket in the future, which it most certainly did. He wrote the ticket and explained that since NE didn't have reciprocity with Ohio, I'd have to pay the ticket now or appear in court. I think it was $60. For whatever reason, the only way I could pay it was cash. He said we could put the cash in a pre-addressed envelope and mail it, or I could trust him to do it. I said I'd trust him. He said, "Well, that's pretty good... we're probably 20 miles from a mailbox."

    And that was it - I was free to go.
  6. ded i

    ded i Friend of The Devil Lady Devil

    I wanted to get in the back seat and hide but I was too terrified ... :ssad:
    Maniac ... driving through that snow in those mountains at night and couldn't see a damn thing ...
  7. cutty

    cutty Expiry

    Bad trips---or---Bad trips. Make up your mind.
  8. Dr Mabuse

    Dr Mabuse Set your motherfucker to "receive"

    a person and i were driving in a blizzard in Wyoming on our way to a ranch... now blizzards are blizzards... but Wyoming blizzards are something you have to kinda experience...

    anyway we were passing through Cheyenne and i thought we could go on in the 4wd toyota truck with good rubber and all... we were driving 'straight' on I-25 in this complete white out... so cold that the heater was wide open... blowing at full fan on defrost and the window was freezing over under that circumstance... now that's cold... the wide open heat kept two little 'windows' on the windshield unfrozen so we could see... but dumb-assed as we were we kept going... until we had an eighteen wheeler go by and we absolutely lost all perspective and sense of a direction... like flying with no instruments... well we tried to go on a little more and discovered we were driving towards the guard rail by almost hitting it...

    so we took the next exit... driving at like 15 mph with the guard rail to the right... went back and stayed at 'Little America' in Cheyenne... if you ever get a chance to stay at a Little America its really a cool place... i've stayed at both in Wyoming and the one in Flagstaff... a Link...

    we ate at the restaurant and had pretty good food watching the blizzard outside... really a cool time since we 'lived' and all... the truck was completely under a drift of snow the next morning when the snow finally stopped... literally completely under not partially... some of you know about 'engine blankets'... we used one to thaw out the oil in the engine after it took me like an hour to dig the truck out with the snow shovel Little America lent me... those blankets are commonly used in some states...

    a friend of mine drove a Porsche 911 Turbo from Panama City Beach to Tennessee one time after having, yet again, bitten a big bite out of a sheet of pretty fresh stuff... he was 'wide the fuck open' the whole way to TN... he tells me that whole thing was so surreal it was indescribable...
  9. MarieLaveau

    MarieLaveau Pistol Packin' Mama Lady Devil

    Bad road trips...too many to count.

    Two eternal hours on the road to grandma's house, with a colicky, screaming baby in the back seat. Baby puke. Baby shit. Sleep deprived, short tempered parents. Upon arrival, parents hand baby over to grandma and grandpa, and flee to go get stoned with the cool relatives.

    Fast forward a few years. Said baby has become an over-active, over-imaginative 5 year old. He now has a baby brother. Baby Brother is easy going and laid back, until Big Brother gets bored, usually inside 15 minutes. Then Big Brother starts to covertly torment Baby Brother, waking him from the peaceful slumber he instantly fell into as the car left the driveway. Baby Brother whimpers, and tries to go back to sleep, as parents threaten Big Brother if he doesn't leave Baby Brother alone. Parents turn back around, knowing this is only the beginning. Five minutes later, Baby Brother's whimpers turn into squawks of protest. Whichever parent is not driving, smacks Big Brother on the leg. Big Brother pouts. Spills food and/or drink on the car seat out of spite. Kicks back of car seat. Repeats movie lines verbatim....endlessly. Pokes Baby Brother hard enough so that he's awake AND crying. Parent stops car, Big Brother gets his little ass spanked. Now BOTH boys are crying. Only 15 miles from home, and this will last for the next hour and a half.

    Fast forward a few more years. Little Brother is now big enough to defend himself. The back seat of the car becomes a battle ground. Parents have taken to using weapons, ie, a switch or a section of Hot Wheelz track.

    Repeat, once a month, or until parents get smart and insist that grandparents make the damned road trip themselves if they want to see the little brats.
  10. kayak101187

    kayak101187 Little member

    About 2 months ago I was driving up to orlando from west palm beach in my brand new chevy tahoe doing 80 on the florida turnpike.When all of a sudden out of no where a fucking duck flew into my windshield and the whole fucking thing cracked and had a hole in it. Good thing my insurance covered it. I am still pissed about that it ruined the whole trip because I couldnt drive with the windshield like that, and had to turn around and go home to get it fixed.
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  11. IWantThatKnife

    IWantThatKnife I want that knife Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Long Beach Freeway, South of the 91, going towards

    The Terminal Island Freeway...1986 or 1987, Poor bastard didn't have a clue he was going to die that day. Travelling north on the freeway a driver was struck and decapitated by a sheet of plywood that flew off the back of a southbound truck...

    Man to think how lucky I've been drinking and driving, riding a motorcycle...

    My only real brush was going home through Tiburon on the 101 in Marin County. The freeway opens up to about 5 lanes and a car pool lane. Naturally there was construction; Me, on my 1994 BMW K1100LT, I'm in the middle lane, about 200 yards ahead of me in the slow lane is an an Anchor Beer Truck. As it hits a bump, the left side doors roll up 6 kegs of beer bounce out of the truck and are heading across all traffic lanes...I changed lanes about 4-5 times and even stop and kick one keg (turned out they were all empties) back toward the shoulder. Amazingly no one was hit by a keg - no accidents. How ironic though, I was about 5 years sober and almost got taken out on my motorcycle by an empty Anchor Steam Beer Keg! Damn lucky.
  12. Komodo

    Komodo entertainment coordinator Brigade Member

    Going to work one morning, rush hour traffic, doing 70mph in the extreme left lane. Three lane highway, passing an interchange where two more lanes merge, making it a FIVE LANE highway. HEAVY traffic, my right front wheel falls off!!!!!! My car starts doing 360's across all five lanes of trafic, totally out of my controll, and dumps me on the side of the road. I didn't get hit, nor, did I cause a single accident. (except for the one in my pants! :bwah: )
  13. SinCity

    SinCity Dr. Strangelove

    I was in the latter summer of 88' maybe a week before labor day, a friend and I were
    headed from Jersey to Daytona. Driving thru Washington DC around the loop. It was around noon
    time and the DC loop had 4 lanes each way.
    I got my brand new 88' Silverado on cruise at 65mph and there was this
    brand new Benz doing the cat and mouse thing with me. You know speed up, pass, get in
    front of you, slow down. After a few times of repassing this guy I look at
    him. He's an young black asshole, high as a kite. It's around noon and I say to
    myself, shit this dope dealer must have been smokin' crack all night.

    I drive around five more miles, forget and about the asshole behind me.
    Now I'm cruising at 65 in the third lane, look in my rear view mirror and see
    the asshole in the slow lane behind me. He moves from the slow lane to the 2nd lane,
    to the 3rd right behind me, than to the 4th lane, passes me, continues on
    to the left shoulder, into the medium and punches a hole in the bushes
    the exact shape of the Benz'(no guard rails in the medium).

    He goes across the medium on to the oppisite shoulder still at the same slight
    angle since he started his pass from behind me. Crosses into the
    oncoming fast lane and into the 3rd lane of the opposite side.

    Now it's just like the scene from the movie Planes,Trains & Automobiles. He must
    have woke up and was driving parallel with me but in the 3rd lane on the
    wrong side of the highway at 65+.
    A car in the opposite 4th lane goes skidding past the asshole than

    The fucking asshole hits this chick in the 3rd lane head-on. I can still see
    her long blond hair flying out of the driver side window.

    My friend grabs the camera and snaps a pic. You can see her blond hair
    sticking out the window. You can see by the road sign it was close to the
    Andrews AFB exit.
    I don't know what happened but it looked like she was killed instantly and
    I could only hope he was killed too.

    I don't know how to access news from back than. If any of you Guru's
    know how, let me know. I'm pretty sure it was on a Saturday the week
    before Labor day 1988
  14. Chisel

    Chisel off the hook

    Good ones guys. Keep'em coming.

    I was driving in Tampa/St. Pete one time on 275 behing a guy on a little Isuzu truck. We were running about 70 I guess when I noticed his bedliner sort of moving around. Well, all of the sudden the whole damn bedliner lifted up out of the truck straight the fuck up in the air. I actually drove under it, but I just knew some bad shit was getting ready to happen, as I was watching in the rear view mirror I saw it land in the median. If that thing hadda landed in traffic somebody woulda died.

    As far as I could tell, the dude in the truck never even hit the brakes.
  15. Chisel

    Chisel off the hook

    I love duck hunting but that's a little extreme:spin:
  16. L33731

    L33731 House Whore


    Damn man that is a crazy story, but with any luck he did eat some dashboard. And nice job to the photographer, that was a perfectly taken shot.
  17. silenthunterstudios

    silenthunterstudios The Jello Gigolo

    Nothing really bad has ever happened to me, some near misses on the way to work in the morning, coming out of the valley I'm in and almost going over the cliff on Green RD in the snow, plowing through a snow bank and into oncoming traffic. But what I really hate is when I am driving somewhere on vacation, with someone. Family, friends, whatever, doesn't matter. I'm talking two drivers, two cars. No, I can't leave my car at home, lets take both. I'm usually waiting for the other car to catch up. Once I sat on Rte 1 in Delaware outside of Dover waiting for my friend, for about an hour. Before we had cellphones. Since I was going to meet his hot sister, I waited for the son of a bitch.:deadevil:
  18. Matches

    Matches Airport Bum Brigade Member

    I forgot two incidents that occurred when I used to cruise through the tunnels in Boston at 70 miles an hour. Prior to the big dig, the traffic through Boston was either 50 feet up on an overpass or 50' underground through a tunnel. One day I was a passenger in a co-workers car when there was a horrible noise under our car. Someone lost their tranny and it was wedged underneath our car, sparking and smoking. With everyone speeding and no exit in the tunnel, we had to ride it out about 1000 feet.
    A few weeks later, same tunnel, a whole truck load of chickens in crates fell off their truck. Flying feathers, busted up crates, chicken carcasses, and some poor guy trying to round up any live chickens dodging traffic...what a nightmare:spin:
  19. tubtar

    tubtar high caliber consecrator Moderator Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Hmmmmmmmmm.........the life I saved or the time I almost got kilt ?
    I'll go with the kilt.
    It was shit , nearly a dozen years ago...one of my younger brothers was running west coast with a reefer.......paper stuff out and produce back.
    It was the week before Easter and he wanted to get home in time to celebrate with the family.
    I had a bunch of years over the road , but was currently working as a machinist in town here , so I took a week of vacation and teamed with him to make sure he would be back in time.
    We had drops in Denver and Las Vegas. When we left Denver it was snowing like six motherfuckers.......we got to the scale house west of town on I-70. They were closing the road unless you chained up.
    We didn't have chains or time for this bull shit. Fortunately , the trooper on duty must have went to the can when we rolled in. We had a red light , but no body in sight ..........so we left and went on our merry way.
    Got through going out with no problem.......went to Bakersfield to put 43,000 lbs. of lettuce on and head her home.
    I drove out and got us to St. George , Utah before I handed off to my brother.
    I hopped in the sleeper and was out like a light in a matter of minutes.
    My brother lasted a little longer than that.
    It was just outside Coal Creek , Utah........just south east of Salt Lake City going north on I - 15 when he decided to take a nap.
    Unfortunately , we were rolling at around 70 m.p.h.
    He woke up in time to jerk the wheel and miss the bridge we were going over with the front wheels.
    The front drive tire on the passenger side hit the concrete rail of the bridge and kicked us pretty good.
    It took the wheels off of the right rear of the tractor.
    The trailer hopped up on the rail and it cleaned the reefer fuel tank , the air tanks and the wheels and axles off of the trailer.
    I woke up screaming......I remember this clearly.
    My first thought was " fuck , we're still in canyon country." and I braced myself for the secondary impact of us hitting a rock face or going over a cliff.
    The motor was screaming........I'm guessing he went rigid and had the pedal mashed to the floor.
    But he got it straightened out and kept pulling until he had what was left of the trailer behind us on the shoulder.
    When we stopped moving I could not believe it.
    Fucking "A" , dodged one there !
    We got out and he was saying over and over " this is really bad "........I was laughing.
    I said " motherfucker , we are both walking and breathing.......it could have been worse."
    We walked back to survey the damage.........the metal portion of the guard rail was now laying in the middle of the road...........3:00 in the a.m. and it is blacker than a wet ape's ass out there.
    Except for the headlights of the truck that is coming down on us.
    We tried to get out and wave at him , but he hit the chunk of guard rail anyway. Now this guy stops and is pissed , but he saw he wasn't gonna get a sympathetic ear from us right about the time I told him " shut the fuck up , we have a couple other problems to deal with right now."
    So I guess I missed being a human crouton in a 43,000 lb. salad by about a foot or so.
    Just another opportunity to delude myself into believing I have something important to do before I go.............or maybe I do.
  20. Boogerball

    Boogerball My posse's on Broadway Brigade Member

    old truckers never die, they just get a new peterbilt...

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