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Bad ass thread got me thinking...

ffemtNY Oct 1, 2010

  1. ffemtNY

    ffemtNY Huge member

    How many here have been arrested and or convicted of a crime? Felony, misdemeanor, violation, juvenille etc. I myself have been arrested more than a few times, but am far from an old pro. All but a couple arrests were juvie busts and sealed, though I did disclose these to the Army and they ran my prints and didn't find anything, their goes the infallability of the NCIC. Though it did keep me out of the MP job I wanted:ssad:. As for the adult side of things arrested but not charged a time or two, charged once and plead to a violation as the judge was lenient and saw no reason to delay my deployment to Afghanistan:bwah:. Given an ACOD for 6 months with the terms being I not appear before him during this time and slate would be wiped clean. As I was on another continent working for Uncle Sam this was too easy. And to the best of my knowledge the slate is clean as it hasn't come back to hinder me yet.
  2. coronelli

    coronelli Reaper of Endsville

    Zippo...nada...nothing. I'm so damn law abiding it's positively insane. Especially with my firearms choices (CIII, etc.) I am a serious stickler for the rules.
  3. ffemtNY

    ffemtNY Huge member

    I agree with most of our laws and do see the need for the rule of law but sometimes someone just needs a firm swift kick in the ass and I for one hate to see a few rules interfere with that.
  4. FkeSpydrFly

    FkeSpydrFly JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    ive never been takin in but heres my story,
    last summer i was mowing lawns and someone called the cops and accused me of stealing my mower from someones gradge
    (i had to go home and get my edger string and the owner of the house told me i could leave it there)
    so i was walking home and then i cop pulls up and puts his siren on for about a second and it scared the shit out of me he ended up cuffing me, putting the mower in his trunk, and taking me to the guys house because he didnt believe me. the guy told him the story and i was let go. atleast the cop dropped me off at my house.:bwah:
  5. DaBird

    DaBird Sasquatch Bali-ho

    Well --- on the advice of my WELL PAID lawyer --- I plead the 5th :shockedevil:

    See the "tid bits about you" thread ---- reform school , detention center , halfway house , NUT house , and the first Juvie to be sentanced to a adult only facility in Illinois --- all before I was 16 years old.

    Then I started to REALLY get into trouble with the law !!! :devilzeek

    Drugs and fighting were a way of life for me ---- somewhere between 30 and 50 arrests as a adult {who keeps count } , made the local paper a bunch of times , Chicago news TV 3 times , etc. etc.

    I am PROUD to say I am one of only a handfull of Illinois felons to still have a FOID { gun card } . Getting it back was NOT easy.

    Last time I was arrested { charges dropped down to Assault & Battery } was about 6 years ago when I was in my late 40s ---guess I am just getting mellow in my old age :madaddy:
  6. sheneniganer

    sheneniganer Grill Manager

    I've almost been arrested because of kids that arent my friends anymore, but I talked us out of it:bwah:
  7. ffemtNY

    ffemtNY Huge member

    Well no one can say you haven't been busy:devilzeek When I was teen the nut house of all things scared the poop out of me. Training school( Rhode Island's version of Juvie jail) wouldn't have been nothing but a much needed vacation from my house. I'd get to hang out with my friends, play basketball, etc.. On the other hand the nut house could hold you indefinitely and from a friend who spent some time there after a manslaughter really f-ed up people and things happened there, plus they can hold you until your safe to release. Got scared as hell when the psychiatrist who evaled me for one of juvie busts, blasted me in his pre-trial report. Used a bunch of psychobabble, and stated I was sociopath and most likely to be a repeat offender. At the time I thought anything that ended in path and associated with crime was extremely bad i.e. psychopath and I was soon to be hauled off to the land of white coats and cold showers with deck scrubs. Now that I've lived a few years I've learned that most people are sociopaths. Live and learn I guess.
  8. lachrymalex

    lachrymalex hellion on point

    i have a ton of arrests. no convictions, discounting misdemeanor traffic violations. most of my arrests happened before i was 21, sadly. i've managed to stay out of trouble for the last decade. problem is, people like to bring trouble to me, like my ex, who filed for a PFA, that expires in June. so, i'm not a felon, but i'll be treated like one for another 9 months or so.
  9. ffemtNY

    ffemtNY Huge member

    My last one was at 35 years of age. Surprised the hell out of myself after 2 decades plus of clean living to get a guided tour of my local holding facility. Alcohol, stress, and a bad temper are definitely not a winning combo. Came pretty damn close to ruining my family and career. All I can say is I must have a pack of angels watching over me that I keep extremely busy at times.
  10. Clydetz

    Clydetz Forever straight and true Brigade Member

    Never been arrested but I was chased by a cop once. I went under a barbed wire fence; he tried to climb over it... I got away! I can't remember for love or money why he was chasing me though.:jduh:
  11. DaBird

    DaBird Sasquatch Bali-ho

    Sad but true ---- 3rd day I was in the mental hospital , I hit a older {30ish} woman with a pool cue --- "they" kept me strapped to a bed for 4 days , then they blasted me on meds for weeks. Felt like Jack N. in One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest :bwah:

    One other bad time I remember is at the Lake County youth detention center when I was 15 , I refused to eat broccli --- HATE the stuff ---- so what "they" would do , is line everyone { boys & girls } up with ping pong paddles and wood rulers --- make you strip down to just underware and have you crawl thru everyones legs as they all got to smack you. Well , I said " FUCK YOU and I'd rather fight" --- I took on 3 adult male "counselors" for about 5 minutes till they piled on me and got me cuffed. They then threw me in a hall closet room about 3' x 6' and to "teach me a lession" put a pail of Ammonia in with me ---- after a while , I remember I was gaging/puking and slamming my head into the steel door --- it got REAL BAD after I knocked the pail over and the fumes were about killing me. I guess I kind of blacked out because the next thing I remember is being on the floor outside the closet and they were taking the cuffs off me. BAD MISTAKE on their part ---- I grabbed the first guard by the hair on his head and then did my best to put my thumb thru his eye !!! That was funny as shit to me --- untill the other two adults choked me out. I woke up naked in the "hole" --- a cement one stall shower room with a steel door. The fuckers kept me there for about 3 days and no shit --- BREAD AND WATER , thats it for all 3 days. The guard who I "eyeballed" was off work for almost two weeks and wore a eye-patch for about two months after that. They never fucked with me over broccli after that so I guess it was worth it :bwah: Well at least untill I had to go in front of the judge again --- the official statement was I " attacked a staff member with no reason causeing bodily harm " ---- I got almost another 8 months because of that :pissedevil:
  12. Uncle_Jarvis

    Uncle_Jarvis Should be a custom title here


    Same here !!! Ive never even been in cuffs ... KNOCK ON WOOD !

    Ive done plenty of questionable things in my days especially as a punk ass teen

    I attribute my clean record to basically just being ninja like.. :bwah:

  13. englishmark

    englishmark Wicked Gardener

    Nothing for me either.

    Squeaky clean.
  14. aus71383

    aus71383 Huge member

    I got cuffed and a summons when I was 19 for "possession of a dangerous weapon" - pulled over for a brake light out and the cop opened my door and saw my nightstick under the seat. I looked up the code cited on the summons and didn't think it applied to me - got a lawyer and $250 later and after a phone call to the prosecutor it was "expunged". It doesn't feel good being cuffed while some cop searches your car, but picking up my "evidence" from the police station felt pretty good.

  15. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    As a Teenager I was every parents nightmare,in my teens i had a few (OK alot ) pot possions and many motocycle run in with the police.,Now almost 50 and have a 16 year old young man to make sure he rides the strait and arrow road..My rule is ,,you play you will pay when it comes to breaking any law.Me I learned the hard way ,,I dont want that for my son,,and I remind him all the time,How I screwed up my life breaking different laws in my youth.:deadevil:Dont go there boy!!!
  16. Bruce

    Bruce New Jersey's *other* Bruce

    I've never been arrested because I haven't been caught yet!:madaddy::bwah::bruce:
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  17. RoadFish

    RoadFish Cathar Knight

    Well, I had a little run in with the Guardia Civil in the 60's when Franco was in power in Spain and it was a repressive Police State. I was in the Air Force and some others and I rented a house in Madrid. Our house became an international party and crash pad. Ah, those were the days! Well, at the time, it was illegal in Spain for more than 4 people to get together to party without a permit from the police. It was one of those repressive laws designed to stop political meetings. We always had a lot more than the limit crashing at the house. One day I was in front of the house polishing my MGB when a big gray sedan went by slowly with 6 suits in the car. As the car went by, all their heads turned toward the house and stared! I knew something was up so we cleaned the place up of most evil substances. The next night I was pulling a mid-shift at base. Well, while I was working, the house was raided by the Guardia complete with sub-machine guns and dogs! All the occupants were hauled off to the central jail. When I got off my shift the Air Police were waiting for me at my room on base. They took me into custody and said that they were taking me to be questioned by the Guardia! Those kilometers between the base and downtown were the longest kilometers that I ever traveled. Spanish prisons under Franco were not known for their comfort! Anyway, I was questioned as to why we were holding meetings, why we were torturing animals and being a bad influence on the youth of Spain!!! They said that they had an informant in the house and that I had better tell the truth. I just said that their informant knew a lot more than I did because I had never heard or seen anything like they were describing and that I wasn't there when they raided so how would I know what was going on at the time of the raid! They did find some hash, but possession at that time was not against the law. It turned out that the Guardia didn't do their homework and didn't know that we were GI's. They had not followed necessary procedures for U.S. Military Law to come into play. We were all released and no charges were ever brought. And yes, I did get an Honorable Discharge.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 2, 2010
  18. Komodo

    Komodo entertainment coordinator Brigade Member

    I once got a speeding ticket. Does that count?

    Oh yeah, and the time I tried to kill my brother-in-law. The cops said I was justified and let me go.
    If he hadn't of been such a giant asshole to the cops, I'd of gone to jail for sure. As I walked the cops out of my house one of them said to me: "He's lucky I didn't shoot him" :bwah:
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  19. beelzy

    beelzy epic tip snapper

    Let's just say that the LEO's are familiar with my last name. :bwah:
  20. xian13

    xian13 Clean and Sober

    Got busted for possession of a controlled substance, which is a felony, when I was 21. Got it reduced to a misdemeanor and expunged when I was 30. Supposedly I have all of my rights restored.

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