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Atropos Demon (zen) - impulse At

Nikguy Jun 18, 2020

  1. TheronJ

    TheronJ JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    His naming scheme is a little odd. The knife is generally named after the blade shape then there are different versions with different handles.

    For example, Demon is base model with tang pins. Demon 2 is smaller and more flipping oriented. Demon BRO is channel construction with Micarta scales etc.. The general idea is that base model is beefy, 2 is small, BRO is cheap and has Micarta, there are also G10 models, fancypants ones with damascus and all kinds of wood...

    I own a Kirat 2 with zen pins, a one-off Demon with OLS Damascus blade and green CF scales over skeletonized ti, a Kali's Mercy with OLS Damascus blade and Stabilwood scales over skeletonized ti, and a one-off Khopesh with Kairo steel blade and curved ti handles (not a flipper). The quality on all of them is pretty good overall but his bushings aren't particularly well tuned so they're a bit sloppy. If I planned on flipping them extensively I'd send them to a modder to lap the bushings and such but since they're mostly show pieces I'm not too concerned with it. That said, the Kirat 2 has the best tolerance by a lot and is generally more geared toward flipping.
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  2. blaPsplaT

    blaPsplaT JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    Extremely helpful. Thank you for your words.
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  3. Nikguy

    Nikguy Little Member


    Would you say the Ti channel kirat 2 probably flips better then the channel kitate original? Also, do you think the sandwich "bro" knives are too blade heavy?
  4. TheronJ

    TheronJ JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Channel Kirat 2 is smaller and the handles are less round than the original so yeah it probably flips better.

    I've only flipped a Kirat BRO and Demon BRO, both of which are based on the "2" style balisongs so they're solid for flipping. The balance was good on both, with the Demon being slightly heavier in the blade. I wouldn't consider either to be blade biased though.
  5. TriChrome

    TriChrome Little member

    This thread is a good read as I'm looking at the Demon 2 (zen pins). Does anybody have a picture of the Demon 2 for scale? (maybe the Kirat 2 would work as well.. although that one is listed as .5" longer... but I think it's just the blade shape, maybe). Hopefully pictured next to something familiar like a Benchmade 42, 51, 62, 87/85, etc? Trying to get an idea of how big this knife is.

    Here's a picture I found online of the Demon (NOT the "Demon 2") size comparison, but when I crapily Photoshop the Demon 2 in it at 9.33" long (it's the one over top the ruler), it looks smaller than a Benchmade 51, where ALL the videos of the Demon 2 make it look pretty massive so something is amiss (I know the person who took the original photo wasn't dead-on so that perspective is prob. messing it up too).


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