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Are you willing to pay Brick and Mortar store prices

stdlrf11 Feb 27, 2016

  1. crick0234

    crick0234 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Depends on the establishment and price difference. If say its like 10-15% more at a retail shop than amazon or comparable online retailer, and the folks there are awesome, then i'd support local.

    If the folks charge well above MSRP or well above what everyone else is charging, and they're rude about it, then no.

    Why pay more for same quality product AND shitty customer service???

    Seilu: i know the shop you're probably talking about.

    What's even crazier was there were times i ordered over the minimum for same day shipping? in like 3 hrs, i got my knives, same day for something like an extra 5 bux.
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  2. OrangeJoe

    OrangeJoe Little member

    I have done it and will continue to do so.

    To expand on my answer, this is becoming more important to me as I move to trad knives where the finish and matching of handle scales (bone, antler, etc.) and the centering of multi blades on a particular piece is important to my overall enjoyment of the piece.

    Blindly ordering and returning online to get the centering and walk&talk I desire is not fun.
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  3. WpkJake

    WpkJake Huge member

    Purely disgusting.
  4. MidnightAbyss

    MidnightAbyss JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Depends on the general price of the knife and how much higher it is. $75 for a $50 knife online? No. $500 for a $475 knife online? Sure.
  5. Voidmaster404

    Voidmaster404 Little member

    Generally, yes i would prefer to buy online. It saves time and gas for me. However, there are a few occasions in which i MUST have it today and now, ill go out of my way to a particular store that i support because the people are awesome and their customer care is top notch. Admittedly this does not happen much, seeing how that location is 3 counties away for me.
  6. Rat Finkenstein

    Rat Finkenstein Finkenstein shit kid Brigade Member

    that is the same amount :ropeman:
  7. RNST

    RNST Entrusted Devil Super Moderator

    We had a pretty decent bricks and mortar store here. I bought a few knives from them like CRK and ZT.

    The problem was they situated themselves in a fairly high rent area. Also each time I was there it was packed with customers but all they wanted to do was handle the knives and never bought anything. Probably like a lot of people, check it out in person and then buy it online cheaper I guess?

    They eventually gave up the storefront and joined the online sales community. I've bought a few online from them and overall happy with their service.
  8. impus

    impus Huge member


    It all depends on the deal what they have in stock.. some places I have seen personal collections from the shop owern..
    If a deal can be made in a store..ie.. military discount
    Multi buys.. or collection peice.. I would pay store..

    But me personally I like ftf deals with the JD members :ross:
  9. Halvaags

    Halvaags Little member

    I think what he means is $15 extra for a more inexpensive knife, why bother, when you can get it on the internet for less, but for an expensive knife it's worth the convenience of having it at that moment and not worrying about it getting lost in the mail.
  10. raymond454

    raymond454 Little member

    I bought cigars from a local B&M even though they were more expensive because I liked the people. That said, I buy boxes on line because they're considerably less and the store is firm on their prices.
    I work in retail. Plenty of people come in to see and feel the product, pick your brain for info, them buy on line. It's disgusting but it's a fact of life. If you can't see past that by now, you're in the wrong business. You'll never get the bottom feeder who's interested in nothing but price. But, you can do a lot of business by capitalizing on the things that on line buying can't provide. Competing head to head on price (their strength), you lose every time.
  11. Rhonda

    Rhonda knife diva Lady Devil Brigade Member

    Yes, I know what you are talking about. A guy I ran into a while back was telling me that he has an app on his phone where he can scan the barcode of any item at a shoe store, I think he said shoe store, and then the app shows it to him online for much less money. So the guy said that he will try on various styles and sizes, decide what he wants, and then order online.

    That really screws the retailer, some guy putting a smelly foot in lotza shoes and then not buying anything there. I don't endorse that kind of shopping whatsoever. I don't do that.
  12. OnceBitten

    OnceBitten Momma said I'd go blind Brigade Member


    If you only see a $15 difference between $75/$50 and $500/$475, then...well...you probably shouldn't handle money OR knives.

    Just sayin'.......

  13. Johnny Mayhem

    Johnny Mayhem Huge member

    Yes I do, it just really depends on the customer service of the shop owner of course.

    I have a favorite in Portland, Hawthorne knives, and they put up with my antics which makes them even more special.

    (plus I sell knives on consignment, and use the proceeds to get a better deal on other blades there.)
  14. David1967

    David1967 mikov dealer Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Last time I bought knife in a store was in 1992. I buy over the internet or directly from makers at knife shows.
  15. WalkingTree

    WalkingTree JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Unless theres a knife there that I can't get online, I.e. a custom, or a hard to find production, hell no.

    Why would I?

    And yes I am totally one of those assholes who'll come in and try the knife then go buy online.. Sue me :devilwag:
  16. Spade115

    Spade115 Huge member

    I dont mind paying a bit more for a knife local, if I like the atmosphere of the place, and the employees are helpful.

    Only problem for me is since im south of San Antonio, I have to commute to Harlingen for "Decent" knives, and San An, and up north for better.
  17. WJBennett

    WJBennett Huge member

    There is nothing wrong with shopping around to find the best price on an item. If that means visiting a few local stores to check out the merchandise compare their pricing to the internet, so be it. Consumers have been comparison shopping long before the internet existed. It's not personal it's business. Just to be clear I am talking about production items that are available in decent quantity. Specialty, rare, one of a kind etc. items are a different story. All business owners weather brick and mortar or online need to know their market and price their merchandise accordingly. I am all for supporting my local businessman and one of the best ways he can earn my support is through fair and competitive pricing.
    Bottom line is what you do with your money is your own business but personally I do not and will not pay more for stuff than I have to.
  18. The General

    The General The Devil's General Brigade Member

    For me it depends on many factors.

    Firstly, do I have a personal relationship with the store in question. I am far more likely to pay B&M store prices if I get on with the seller or have had previous good experiences. It's easier to swallow paying more if I know it is going to good people.

    Secondly there are personal issues such as speed and convenience. If I am already there and have a strong impulse buy and the price is not gouging me. Why not?

    Thirdly rare or hard to source knives, quite often B&M stores have poor websites or little online presence. So they will have older knives in stock that are gathering dust. Disco'd products that the owners don't really appreciate are sought after or rare. So I don't mind paying full MSRP for those knives. Because that is usually quite a bit lower than the going rate for discontinued knives.

    Fourthly.. Importation. Being based in the UK, several specific types of knives that are not actually specified as being illegal. Such as flippers and assisted openers. Are getting seized on importation. So if a retailer has the knife in stock. I don't have to run the lottery. A good example is I acquired a Cold Steel Chaos fixed blade. No idea how the retailer managed to get this knife into the UK as it is clearly a prohibited trench knife. No way I would risk importing that.

    Fifth, and again, linked to four. A lot of knives are getting seized at the border on importation. Those that don't get binned, get a hefty bill attached. Which makes importing a prohibitive thing to do these days. If you are lucky you might save a little money. Often, you are no better off than buying from a B&M store.

    Over all though, my priority is saving money. I'm cheap like that. :bwah:
  19. Dingle1911

    Dingle1911 Little member

    I try to support my local stores because it is nice to hold something in your hand before you buy. I also liked that they would sharpen my knives for free. Unfortunately most of my local stores have gone out of business. I guess I didn't buy enough.
  20. CdnCollector420

    CdnCollector420 Average member

    I support Local

    I support my local Brick and Mortar stores. Its keeping families successful in my town, and keeping food on tables for local businessmen, rather than helping to buy another boat for the C-level executives of the massive chains. The prices are often comparable, but the knowledge and service are definitely worth any higher prices when they occur.

    I like being able to see, and touch my knives, as I'm not buying them based off specs alone, but I want something that feels good in the hand. I realize I could go to the store and ask to see something, then go but it online for a few bucks cheaper, but then I would be contributing to the higher costs for brick and mortar. Let me explain my thinking on this; If I waste the salesman's time buy looking without the intention of buying from, I am preventing him from being able to assist someone who does plan on buying from him. I would think that if we as customers all purchased locally, our local stores could get better pricing from ordering higher volumes.

    Just my two cents if anyone cares
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