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Anyone familiar with Kai kitchen knives?

silenthunterstudios Oct 26, 2006

  1. silenthunterstudios

    silenthunterstudios The Jello Gigolo

    http://www.kershawknives.com/large.htm (look under Kitchen Cutlery and Pure Komachi)

    Saw all of these at Wegmans grocery store in Hunt Valley MD, for about 20 bucks a pop. A little too colorful for me, but has anyone used them? I know that Kai owns Kershaw, at first I saw the Kai, and then the Santoku, and looked all over the package like a madman trying to find two words, Ken Onion :), you should have heard my neck snap as I passed the display and saw KAI on it. . I'd like to start out with one good santoku for all kitchen chores, and was looking at the Kershaw Ken Onion pieces, and happened upon these. Again, they're a little colorful for me, but if they work, I'll buy em. Thanks in advance.
  2. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool

    I'm Sure that the Kai Knives are very Good.

    I just would never buy a Coated Blade.

    Too Much Friction.

    All blade Coatings--No matter what kind--Impeed Clean Cutting.

    A Santoku is made for Cutting Fish--Veggies and Meat--Three Virtues.

    You will notice the Coating on Meat for Sure.

  3. G3

    G3 Brigade Member Brigade Member

    That's nasty. Why would you need to coat a kitchen blade? I can only forsee it wearing off on the food. :jdvomit:
    Is this a common practice?

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