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Anyone ever heard of Morgellons disease?

TheMightyGoat Jul 4, 2007

  1. TheMightyGoat

    TheMightyGoat foots dixon

    Morgellons, from what I gather, is a quasi-established pathology characterized primarily by strange "fibers" appearing in the skin. No one knows what it is, but most people accept that it exists. The fibers are known to be red, white, blue or black with no apparent correlation between the colors. A number of other symptoms are associated with the disease - mostly neurological related - but there is no clear diagnosis.

    I thought of it just now when I pulled this fiberish thing out of a bump on my side. I thought the bump was a pimple of sorts, so I squeezed it, and a bit of fiber protruded. At that point I thought it was an ingrown hair. I pulled on on the protrusion but it was stuck in the skin. It came out with the aid of pliars and a strange ripping sensation. I'm not sure it's a hair anymore. Click on any picture in this post to see a high-resolution version.


    The same fiber at 30x magnification. Note the transparency and lack of root.

    The other end of it, strangely split. [​IMG]

    The bump it came out of.

    Here is a hair at the same magnification for comparison. There is a clear root and even the translucent portion is more opaque than the fiber above.

    Peculiar, yes?
  2. Synghyn

    Synghyn Devilz promotion and marketing squad Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Yeah it is....

    Any chance it's fiberglass? I've had some stuck in me recently and it works it's way back out pretty much as you described it. Other than that, shit ya got me.

  3. TheMightyGoat

    TheMightyGoat foots dixon

    I don't remember the last time I was around fiberglass, particularly whilst ill-clad, but I s'pose it's as plausible as an unproven disease.
  4. Could it be some kind of alien implant? Have you had any missing days or nights recently?
    Noticed any flashing lights or heard any strange sounds?
    Anyone dressed in black been following you?
    Have you had an strange urges with regards to mashed potato?
  5. Dylan

    Dylan crew chief

    The Goat lives.
  6. mack1

    mack1 Resident Bastid

    I've pulled stuff like this outta my feet/toes from time to time. Always figured it to be a fiber from a sock or some such. Hell, I've even had hairs from my Great Dane begin to work their way in to toes, or the ball of my foot. Talk about painful!!!:jdevil: :devilzeek :jdevil:

    Hell, I don't know what ya got, but if ya find out, let us know!:devilzeek :devilzeek :jdsmokin:
  7. Brian

    Brian flstf99

    Hey Goat, if you're not gonna squeeze the puss out of something or cut some growth off your body, don't post a picture......:signhere:

    I was extreamly dissapointed in this post. :ssad: My gag reflex hasn't had a proper work out lately. :bwah:

    Hey, welcome back BTW. :jdwink2:
  8. MarieLaveau

    MarieLaveau Pistol Packin' Mama Lady Devil

  9. FireMonkey

    FireMonkey throws poop Lady Devil

    All hail the MightyGoat!
  10. EmeraldDog

    EmeraldDog E.D. does not necessarily mean erectile dysfunctio

    Goat, either you are growing fingernails under your skin somewhere or your body is spontaneously generating asbestos fibers. You may be well on your way to becoming completely fireproof.:firedevil
  11. ded i

    ded i Friend of The Devil Lady Devil

    It doesn't look like typical Morgellon's fibers, etc.

    I've been following Morgellon's for a number of years as it fits nicely into the fringy pop culture backyard I so admire. It's an interesting syndrome which a number of dematologists are starting to take seriously. Perhaps it may be one of the emerging environmental disorders predicted by a number of medical visionaries.

    Thanks for bringing it up here. :yesman:

    I missed ya' TMGoat - hope you're going to ride the Devil Highway for a while.
  12. wes

    wes Mephistopheles Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Good to see you back.
  13. I still call "alien arial". Since you cut it out, they won't be able to track you any more
    Guess they'll have to stick to mutilating cattle now. Your dna is safe.:spin:
  14. Stabber

    Stabber Stabber's Steel Connection Knife Maker or Craftsman

    This is the weakest Goat post ever!!:ssad: No Puss/Blood/boogers/scabs/rash? what gives dude? You tryin to be healthy lately:bwah:
  15. Fenlore

    Fenlore I am Spartacus! Brigade Member

    I do van conversions into motor homes at my work, needless to say I do alot of work around fiberlass, that's not fiberglass, I get it in me all the time, I usually pull it out, sometimes it gets stuck under the skin so I have to cut it out... that's not fiberglass.
  16. wes

    wes Mephistopheles Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Let the misquoting beginning.
    Tinysd and ppc6mm like this.
  17. G3

    G3 Brigade Member Brigade Member

    It just looks like two hairs that got caught under the skin and are stuck together. Not Morgellons. Ingrown hairs.
  18. EmeraldDog

    EmeraldDog E.D. does not necessarily mean erectile dysfunctio

    well done wes
  19. Boogerball

    Boogerball My posse's on Broadway Brigade Member

    heard of it, and seen it...
    about 3 years ago I thought I had a couple of splinters in my arm... but couldn't see any thing... I could feel them from the surface, but they weren't visible...
    I figured it was glass from an auto accident I was a couple of years prior... so I did some excavating with some tweezers... I was kinda puzzled when I pulled the first one out, which looked exactly like what u have pictured... similar to cartlidge, or maybe kinda like a fingernail... definately NOT an ingrown hair... ended up pulling about 3-4 of them out and they were all X or Y shaped and kinda formed along the lines of the pores and follicles on my arm... I had never seen anything like it, but wasn't that concerned about it... a couple of weeks later the sores from where I pulled them out of weren't healing up, and some looked infected... I thought it might've been "cotton fever" or something since they were all on my left arm in the general area of where I had been injecting
    H... after a month or so, most were starting to heal, but not all of them... the main sore kept getting worse... blistering, opening up, and draining about every day... at this point it was pretty much abcessed and swollen, and had a gaping hole about the same circumference as a cigarette filter that wouldn't heal...I could feel a hard knot underneath it that felt about as big as a gumball...My folks were buggin me about going to the doctor and getting it checked out and I figured I would investigate a little more first... stayed up all night kneading and lancing and squeezing until I could get the "gumball" to move around some... managed to get it worked up to where the hole was and as I was kneading it I could see a "mass" start to peek out... after a couple more hours of messing with I was utterly speechless when all, of a sudden, everything lined up right, and the "mass" kinda came half-way out in a spiral motion... it was the size of a kidneybean, and looked about like an earthworm...kinda transparent looking,... Fuckin Weird!! it was still not all the way out, and I didn't know if it had an end to it or not... I thought, shit, I hope I don't have a big intestine like thing hangin out of my arm, and I didn't know if I should cut it off in case it was some kinda muscle or tendon or something I needed to keep in there... ended up saying FUCK IT and mashed and squeezed until it just slid right out, and thankfully it wasn't attached to anything... I went and woke up my girlfriend at the time, who was living with me, so she could check it out... the whole thing was a little bit bigger than a kidneybean... one end of it was more tapered than the other... ODDEST SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN... I left it on sitting on a napkin on the coffee table and fell asleep... the next morning, it had dried out and shrunk considerably... I was checking it out, and I could see little "veins" in it... some were blueish-purple, and some looked pink... I thought it was some kinda weird tumor or something... it had a several of what looked like strands of hair in it... I was glad to finally get it out, but I still had a huge gaping hole in my arm from where it came out... the "mass" was almost completely dried out and crispy after about 24 hrs. and thats when I noticed that the "veins" in it never changed color like the rest of it did while drying out... they were still pinkish and some were blueish-purple, almost metallic looking, but the "mass" had shrunk down to about the size of Rice Krispy, or smaller, but the "veins" didn't shrink as much... I really wish I had've kept it intact somehow... but I ended up dissecting it out of curiosity... I showed the remnants to my mother, and she was somewhat horrified, and convinced me to go to the doctor a couple of days later... by this time there really wasn't much left of the "mass", It had all pretty much crumbled up, except for the "veins" or "hairs", and most of my frinds had seen it, so i tossed it in the ashtray... when I saw the doctor, and told him everything, he said it was probably a fatty tumor or maybe an ingrown mole??? the hole started healing up over the next couple of months and there's still a scar there... it wasn't until about a year and half ago that I heard about "Morgellon" and checked it out on the puter, after seeing some of the pictures, I'm certain thats what it was... 100%... FUCKIN WEIRD
  20. TheMightyGoat

    TheMightyGoat foots dixon

    From what I've read, Morgellons is persistent and almost always is associated with itching and other nervous malfunctions. I've never heard of anything as large as a kidney bean associated with it either. My first reaction to what you describe is that it sounds like some kind of fly larva, or even a skin parasite. Or maybe the doctor was right that it was a tumor. Either way, I'm sure you're better off without it. Too bad you didn't have a camera handy at the time.

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