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Anyone cut down Molly Stix?

Cprrckwlf Feb 2, 2014

  1. Cprrckwlf

    Cprrckwlf Little member

    I've got a handful of 5" (5 rows) Molly Stix and some pouches that are a) 4.5" (4 rows) tall and b) inexplicably designed with 3 rows of webbing that begin at the top edge.

    Has anyone cut a 5" Molly Stix (they really should have considered the whole singular/plural thing when naming them)? If so, what did you use/how successful were you/did you cut straight across or create a new point?

    I've got limited tools where I'm at, but I'm fairly certain I could saw straight across, anything past that and I'm worried about the plastic cracking.

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