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angle grinder support

loneronin Nov 27, 2020

  1. loneronin

    loneronin Little member

    some time ago I made this support and I must say that I find it very convenient and useful.
    it is assembled and disassembled in few seconds and allows you to fix the grinder to the vice and work by holding the piece with two hands. so it is possible to be much more precise especially if you work on small pieces.
    you can mount all the discs and use the tool to grind, cut, wire-brush, smooth, sharpen, polish, sandpaper, remove rust, strip paint, etc. etc.

    in addition it allows to hold the grinder in the vice in many positions

    here you can find the video and inside there are all the details and mesurements if someone wants to build it:


    angle grinder support thumb YT2_1280x720.jpg
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  2. jimmyjo

    jimmyjo Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Looks great for smalls. How safe do you feel being on the other side of the grinder.
    I've seen all those shots of people with Grindr blades in their cheeks.
  3. loneronin

    loneronin Little member

    Yes, you have to be careful. The angle grinder is always a dangerous tool in my opinion. it is mandatory to turn on the brain, use safety goggles and a dust mask, change discs as soon as they start to wear out, do not remove the protective guard. doing so I feel pretty safe.
    with the grinder locked in the vice and the (small) piece to be cut or grinded in the hands I am much more precise.

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