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...And Then There Were Three

bwhitaker Dec 24, 2017

  1. bwhitaker

    bwhitaker Average member

    Family photo:


    Just picked up the Nakiri.

    A review of sorts...

    First off I need to say that I love knives.:ross: The addiction started in high school with Benchmades. Fifteen years later I'm more into high-end gentleman knives (Mnandi / TA Davidson) and lately kitchen knives. I'm no chef, just like my sharp pointy objects.

    Top knife: Line knife - Part chef part slicer. Really light weight and nimble. Thin tip with beautiful distal taper. Cuts like a dream. Western cocobolo handle.

    Middle knife: Nakiri - Japanese vegetable knife. No prior experience with this profile. Figured I better get the best that way I only cry once. This is a beast. Compared to the line knife the extra height above the edge gives added weight and allows the knife to "fall" through food. Flat profile helps prevent "accordion" cuts where the food isn't fully separated. Since there's no pointy tip it's of slightly lesser use however it's the most FUN of the three. Wa style handle with spalted maple on the back and bog oak on the front.

    Bottom knife: Parer. Excellent for hulling strawberries with the pointy thin tip and in-hand work (peeling). Also has a beautiful distal taper. It's a little taller than most parers which allows for additional clearance when working on the board. Western handle also with cocobolo.

    Board - Exotic end grain. Requires a bit of maintenance. I like to oil it with mineral oil when it's looking dry.

    Chose to go with Butch for the knives as he likes to use CTS-XHP. Since I live in Hawaii carbon wouldn't be a good choice due to the humidity here.

    Finally I'd like to say that Butch makes a fantastic knife and is a pleasure to work with!
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