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  1. Amotek

    Amotek Eerie Ver Sable Brigade Member

    Oh my god, holy damn!

    Where the hell is Billy Graham?

    Was it all, just a sham?

    He the shepherd, I the lamb!

    Listen, listen, did he speak?

    When he dipped me in the creek!

    Seal the soul, stop the leak?

    Oh Lord take this fetid freak!

    Is it over, is it done?

    Was he really the blessed one!

    Disappearing into the sun!

    Gave it all, gave it none?
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
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  2. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    are you a "waper "LOL actually it was a good rhyme, I will say reminded me of Gary's once in a while poem's,,Thanks for the smile this thread left on me ,Peace,,,g
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  3. Rover

    Rover Rock N' Roll Outlaw JDBA Official Member

    The pastor died, it’s sad but true
    but sooner than later
    both me and you!

    While judging the deaths of other men
    always happy in the fact
    not me, it’s them,

    the reaper doth close his cold dark hands,
    which beckon our breaths
    to other lands

    that are beauty or burden, forever more
    or a cold dark grave
    despite the lore.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
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  4. Amotek

    Amotek Eerie Ver Sable Brigade Member

    I hear quite clearly what you say!

    But he'll be back another day?

    For our sins we each must pay!

    All of us have feet of clay?
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  5. nostimos

    nostimos JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    You're all a poet . . .
    . . . and didn't know it. :jdwink2:
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  6. Rover

    Rover Rock N' Roll Outlaw JDBA Official Member

    God cares so little for the good that we do
    that He sent us to hell with the rest of our crew.
    For evil is all that we’ll ever be.
    We’re the worst of the worst on the mighty JD!
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
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  7. dymond47

    dymond47 Better than gold or platinum

    umm, this has got me in trouble here before,but He loves us all and wants none to perish. as far as billy graham goes,i think he was a good man but still as a man he and us all, have failings and come up short.
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