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Amilo does not follow through on "I'll take it"

Sharpazzhell Feb 27, 2017

  1. TopHat

    TopHat Drivin' that train..... Brigade Member

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  2. tmbrcrafter

    tmbrcrafter totally hetero, no seriously Brigade Member

    I have to admit, you have earned the Fuckstick of the day award. Read your own writing. I'll never deal with you either
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  3. amilo

    amilo Little Member

    Alright then. I get it. I'll take the shaming like a man. I don't care now, I found what I wanted. You guys do whatever you want. Sorry to Billy_Goat
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2017
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  4. RazorSharp

    RazorSharp RZRSHRPDVL Brigade Member

    This pit thread sucks.
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  5. seandavid55

    seandavid55 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Glad you found what you wanted.
  6. HedaCoon

    HedaCoon *is not a coon Lady Devil JDBA Official Member

    it wasn't as fun as my pit thread ;)
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  7. AJD1

    AJD1 Prince Of Darkness Brigade Member

    I smell douchbaggery..

  8. Soundslikesight

    Soundslikesight Little member

    Edit-Amilo is a flake, my situation is no big deal in the end but mods inform me he's backed out of committed deal multiple time before-

    Totally agree with poster above and I have nothing negative to say about his personality.

    However I was im'd "I'll take it" on a sale thread of mine. After responding with payment details I received a "can't take it after all, don't have the money I thought I did, you can move on to next seller" message.

    Buyer did not post in ad and no harm done in the end as Replicants sell like fire anyways, but my ad was posted as spf for awhile and under other circumstances could have been more detrimental.

    As far as forums go "I'll take it" is an internet handshake. Baring major life upsets "car accident, injury, ect, flaking is not cool as the commitment to buy shouldn't have been made flippantly anywho.

    He may be a great guy and maybe there was more to it, but I wasn't told so and it's a bad way to operate if not.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2017
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  9. stdlrf11

    stdlrf11 A Most Impressive Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Nice guy or not a flake is a flake.

    You are NOT the first to be screwed by Amilo.

    We do not allow that on this site. If you say you will take it, you take it.

    I will be issuing an infraction shortly.
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  10. stdlrf11

    stdlrf11 A Most Impressive Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I've merged two threads.

    Some of the comments will seem out of order.
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  11. AnotherCookieCutter

    AnotherCookieCutter Little Member

    he flaked on me too :)
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  12. Soundslikesight

    Soundslikesight Little member

    Seems a running theme.....I honestly wasn't gonna even bother bringing it up as it wasn't much of an inconvenience at up but stdlfr11 saw me mention a buyer flaking when i took off spf and upon finding out who it was, realized it was a habit.

    The first dude back in march who waited a while was obviously pissed enough to start his thread but I wouldn't have done anything if stdlfr hadn't caught my comment. Seems like multiple others have not bothered following up with negative feedback as well.

    Amilo needs to learn "ill take it" is an internet handshake that most take pretty seriously.
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  13. WalkingTree

    WalkingTree JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Had a similar experience with amilo and a umnumzaan I was looking to sell. Went through the whole process of discussing the sale etc., sent a payment request through PayPal, and he went awol.

    I was a little miffed about it but I figured I'd move on. Seeing as how this is an obvious pattern, I figured I'd share my experience as well.

    Needless to say I won't be dealing with him again.
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