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Alpha beast infinity on the way

Stevo5657! Oct 5, 2020

  1. Stevo5657!

    Stevo5657! Little Member

    Ordered a alpha beast infinity on Sunday. The drop was on Sat. I was surprised blade hq still had some in stock. I have a chab, rep and barebones 2. Wasnt planning to buy one i was just curious to see if they still have them. Three beers a couple shots later i decided that i had to have one. If any of you have one let me know how it flips.
  2. apdallaround

    apdallaround K'inich Janaab' Pakal I JDBA Official Member

    i got the email notice after the drop so i didnt even go check

    some email about not being flammable dont burn me or something
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  3. Blurred Memories

    Blurred Memories JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    flips great, and it's lighter than a rep!

    only downside i would mention, and this is of course just nitpicking, but the chevrons feel a bit too sharp.

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  4. AnthonyTheAbyss

    AnthonyTheAbyss Godzilla Size Member JDBA Official Member

    Is it better than the AB v3???

    ***I have yet to find a better BRS balisong
  5. Blurred Memories

    Blurred Memories JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member


    i wouldn't say the infinity is better, but i wouldn't say the ab v3 is better either.

    they're just different.

    i like the infinity better though, but its only due to personal preference. i prefer the handle rounding, the lighter weight and the better steel.

    i like chabs better than both though.

    now if only they'd make an infinichab.

  6. seekerbrs

    seekerbrs Tiny Member

    How is it?
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  7. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    We're glad that you are eager to participate in our beloved forum, butt* we DO require that EVERYONE post an introduction before anything else. I notice that you have failed to do so.

    Please go to the Testing the Waters. New member introductions forum at http://www.jerzeedevil.com/forums/testing-the-waters-new-member-introductions.34/ and tell us a little about yourself.

    Otherwise, [​IMG]
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  8. seekerbrs

    seekerbrs Tiny Member

    So I just found one and bought it off of Facebook. Arrives on Saturday. What’s the verdict for you?
  9. JAM3X

    JAM3X Little Member

    Man, I also have an Infinity, and got it the same way as you did (Stumbled across it on BHQ after a missed drop w/ no intention of buying) I didn't think I would like it but it's my 2nd favorite Bali, right after the chab (like you) I would love a chab infinity! So much so that I've been thinking about how to get the handles on my channel AB rounded. Maybe even swapping the infinity blade too? (would that create blasphemous union of a knife, or a God-like knife? I can't decide lol) I flip the best with the Infinity (I still suck) but the Chab is my favorite cause it feels super satisfieng in the hands and makes nice southing sounds, also the channel design provides better haptic feedback (I always know which way I catch a handle. Keep em flippin!
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2020

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